Reflection Paper – Race

While we understand that race is a social classification, and not a biological one, it is still a very meaningful concept to most people in America. I would like for you to discuss your own racial/ethnic identity in this essay.  Be sure to incorporate the concepts from the readings: stereotypes , racial and ethnic inequality, discrimination and prejudice, white privilege, etc. If you need some guidance, think about answering some of the questions below within your essay. Again, look for a good ‘hook’ and a clear thesis for your essay.

What is your racial/ethnic identity? When and how did you become aware of this identity? What role has it played in your life? How does it affect you in your social activities? How does it affect you in your school? How does it affect you in your community? In what ways do you benefit from this identity? How does this identity relate to patterns of inequality and social stratification?

All Reflection Papers should be between 3–4 pages in length, typed, double-spaced with 12 point font and 1-inch margins. Reflection papers must make use of reference materials (course materials or outside readings), and must include in-text citations for the quotes or references made in your essay as well as a bibliography.