Read this documentation several times before beginning any programming. Use a s


Read this documentation several times before beginning any programming. Use a systematic, modular approach to develop Project 1. Follow the procedures explained inthe lecture and developed in the class activities. Avoid a “shotgun” approach (trying any andeverything without any definite direction) to the development. Refrain from creating”spaghetti” code (A complicated set of unstructured control structures). Include adequatecomments.Follow these steps. Begin by reading the problem statement multiple times until you have a completeunderstanding of all project requirements. Define the variables. Construct the Main flowchart. Write the functions and populate the Main flowchart. Use previously written functions,if possible. Execute and troubleshoot the program.Problem StatementThis project will focus on development of the controller for a newspaper dispenser. Thenewspaper dispenser will accept nickels, dimes, and quarters. The LCD will display awelcome message to each customer: “Today’s Paper Only 30 Cents.” Each time a coin isinserted, the LCD displays the total amount deposited: “Total: $XX.” When a minimum of 30cents is inserted, the program will cycle between two screens. The first screen will indicatethe total amount deposited: “Total: $XX.” This is displayed on the top line and the amount ofchange available (“Change: $XX”) is displayed on the second line. The second screen willdisplay “Enjoy” on the first line and “Your Paper” on the second line in green backlight.Depositing coins:Nickels, dimes, and quarters are represented by the switches on the Adafruit LCD + Keypadas shown below.CoinsNickelDimeQuarter Switch on AdafruitLeftRightDown If the left button is pressed, a nickel is recorded; if the right button is pressed, the controllerrecords a dime; and if the down button is pressed, a quarter is recorded.Initial ScreenThe initial display will appear as in the figure below. Displaying the Running TotalAs soon as the first switch is pressed (coin entered) the LCD displays the total amountentered. If Nickel is pressed, the screen below is displayed. Note the leading zero. The program keeps a running total of the amount entered and displays the total amountdeposited after each switch is pressed (coin is entered). If Dime is now pressed, the LCD willshow the screen below. This process continues until the minimum amount of 30 cents is entered.Displaying the Total and ChangeThe focus of this portion of the project is to count and display the change amount that wouldbe refunded along with the total amount inserted. The change amount is displayed on thebottom row of the LCD. Keep in mind the price of the newspaper is 30 cents. The displaymust look like the following. Develop “Door Open” Indication FunctionWhen the adequate change has been entered, the Total and Change screen is displayed for1 second and the message reading “Enjoy Your Paper” is displayed for 1 second (with agreen backlight0. The display must look like the following. The program returns to the beginning and displays the initial screen.Upload the completed newspaper dispenser ( to the weekly iLab Dropbox.

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