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More Info C3 Rating Program Cost per :30 spot Sunday Night Football The Big Bang Theory 7.2 $561.000 $339,000 5 9 The Voice $254,150 $157.995 3.5 How I Met Your Mother 3.7 $195,035 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3.1 Done Print V Metrics 15.1 Question Help Nielsen ratings are very important to both advertisers and television programmers because the cost of television advertising time is based on these ratings. A show's rating is the number of households in Nielsen's sample that are tuned to that show divided by the number of television-owning households – 115.6 million in the United States.

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One rating point represents 1 percent of the households (HHS) in the TV market. Nielsen's TV ratings are referred to as C3 and measure viewers who watch commercials live or watch recorded commercials up to three days later. A common measure of advertising efficiency is cost per thousand (CPM), which is the ad cost per thousand potential audience contacts. Advertisers also assess the cost per rating point by dividing the ad cost by the rating. These numbers are used to assess the efficiency of a media buy. How many households are expected to watch each program? the od ont EEClick the icon to view the average price and rating information for programs that are shown at the 8:00 p.m. hour on network television. 1 percent of all households in the TV market is 1156000. (Round to the nearest whole number.) Fill in the table below. (Round to the nearest whole number.) Program C3 Rating households 7.2 Sunday Night Football it: Get Accounting homework help today

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