Ransomware Response


Ransomware is rapidly emerging as one of the top threat vectors for Cyberattacks. As perfect storm of Malware attacks, it is relatively easily available as a widely distributable attack toolkit, it can be controlled using difficult to trace methods on the Dark Web and the ransom demand is generally payable in nearly untraceable funding Bitcoin digital currency. For this assignment, conduct research on the top methods to prevent Ransomware. Pick one of the cases you find and create an incident response, communications, and recovery plan that the company may have used. This will be your interpretation of what the company may have done because all of the information may not be available to you. It may be helpful to consult the following resource as part of your research: https://www.nomoreransom.org/ Use your incident response plan to analyze the following items. Your paper should include the following information: – Introduction to the Ransomware case you chose. – Possible preventative and reduction measures. – Determination if there were any methods that you feel would have been successful in reducing the growth of this attack method.

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