Psychology:Methods and Stats


Complete an APA cover page, a brief APA results on the recall data generated (its in the attachments) and 3 APA Figures…one from the recall data (in attachments under recall results…), and one from each of the SPSS data files (in attachments, under: Methods of teaching say and shopping exercise say)…… The submitted assignment should include — APA cover page, —- results section and a figure with APA style figure caption (APA figure for recall data is histogram) — The other two figures (whatever type of graphs make sense for the type of data) (method of teaching say and shopping exercise say).. (no results needed). The results section for this assignment should include descriptive statistics about the recall accuracy as well as any directional findings. At a minimum, the statistics should include mean, median, standard deviation and range. See the parameters in the attached file. ALSO the figures should have APA captions below them . Try to be specific as to what variables are being shown in the figures. The important part of this assignment is more the APA results, putting the data into words, and doing APA figure captions (which are different from Table Captions).

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