Psychological Perspectives Assignment

Answer the following questions in a minimum of 150 words each. Use complete

sentences and correct grammar and spelling. Use APA formatting to cite resources



1. Select one of the psychological perspectives or subdivisions. Using your own

words, describe it and explain how knowledge of this perspective could be

beneficial to you in your education or workplace. Include concrete examples in

your explanation.

2. In the article "Psychology in Everyday Life: How to Effectively Learn and

Remember" included in your lesson, the author recommends goal setting as a

strategy for success. Discuss your strategy for completing this course.


1. Discuss the need for scientific research in the field of psychology. How does

psychological research obtain and use empirical evidence?

2. Earlier in this lesson, we read about research suggesting that there is a

correlation between eating cereal and weight. Cereal companies that present

this information in their advertisements could lead someone to believe that

eating more cereal causes healthy weight. Why would they make such a claim

and what arguments could you make to counter this cause-and-effect claim?

3. Select one of the ethics case studies included lesson or in this article and

discuss the ethical violations. Refer to the characteristics of an ethical research

project in your response. Would it be possible to reproduce this study under

the current guidelines for ethical studies? Explain your answer.

The link of that article:



1. Healthcare professionals often work rotating shifts. In your own words, why is

this problematic? What are the psychological, social, and physiological

challenges related to rotating shifts? Consider sleep deprivation, high levels of

stress, or side effects from medication in your response.

2. Imagine that you have a big midterm exam at the end of the week. In your own

words, describe the three types of memory storage and which study techniques

you would use and why. Explain the connection between the types of memory

and the study techniques you chose.

3. Select one of the drugs discussed in your lesson. In your own words, discuss

the controversial issues related to the drug and why these discussions are

important in the field of psychology. Be sure to support your position.


1. In your own words, describe ways in which the processes of visual perception

help you to engage in everyday activities, such as driving a car or preparing a meal.

You can select other activities.

2. Select one of the senses to discuss. In your own words, describe what your life

would be like if that particular sense was not available to you. How would you use

other senses to compensate for the loss? Include your thoughts about how culture

affects the way individuals with sensory impairments, such as visual and hearing

impairments, are viewed and treated.

3. In the previous chapter you learned about the inaccuracy of memory. Consider

an event in which you initially thought you were correct about what unfolded,

maybe an accident. Then, think about how your senses and perception might have

played an important role in your account. Review the motorcade incident for a



1.Describe each of the three domains of development (physical, cognitive, and

psychosocial) and provide an example of each.

2.Following theories and discuss why you agree or disagree with this theory. You

can use one of the other theories to support your position.

 Psychosocial stages of development (Erikson)

3.Think back on your high school years. Discuss how you have developed since

then; cognitively, physically, and psychosocially.


1. Identify three personal goals. Now, review Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of

needs. Describe Maslow's theory, and explain how your goals either align or do

not align with his theory. Provide specific details to demonstrate your

knowledge of Maslow's theory.

2. Issues related to sexual orientation have been at the forefront of the current

political landscape. What do you think about the legalization of same-sex

marriage? Be sure to use appropriate language and discuss your position

based on what you learned in this lesson.

3. Schools often use concrete rewards to increase adaptive behaviors. How might

this be a disadvantage for students intrinsically motivated to learn? How do

grades on assignments impact your learning?

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