Proposal essay(teenagers drinking is bad


Proposal essay, about teenagers drinking is bad. The paper should be 1650 words long. 1. The essay meets all assignment guidelines, presenting a feasible solution to a current problem in 5-6 pages. 2-3 pages for problem argument and 2-3 pages for solution argument. 2. The essay’s depiction of the problem is clear, thorough, potent, varied, and fully developed, including rebuttals to counterarguments. 3. The essay fully explains and supports the proposed solution, acknowledging and refuting alternatives. 4. All arguments are supported with strong logos, ethos, and pathos, incorporating a variety of techniques executed successfully. 5. Ideas are organized coherently and structured around arguments rather than resource material, progressing logically, maintaining focus and relevance, and transitioning smoothly. 6. Research from numerous credible sources is properly introduced, integrated, and cited.

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