Professional Nursing and State-Level Regulations


Professional Nursing and State-Level Regulations
The Gov’t Code Ann. §311.031 is a piece of legislation whose objective is to offer comprehensive directions on nursing education, practice requirements and licensure of professionals in Texas. The law imposes an obligation on the board of nursing of Texas to punish conducts which are considered as unprofessional and whose negative effect on professionalism is unacceptable. Under this policy, the board of nursing is an independent review body which is directly mandated to uphold standards of nursing practice in the state (NCSBN, 2019). This duty is achieved through continuing professional development courses for RNs, LPNs and APRNs and strict rules on licensing of practicing nurses based on professional conduct and performance.
On the other hand, the board of nursing of Ohio derives its authority from ORC Chapter 4723 Nurse Practice Act which establishes the board. The board is mandated to supervise nursing education, licensing and to issue practice directions to nursing professionals.
A notable functional difference between the two regulations is that the number of members of the board of nursing of Ohio is unspecific. Additionally, the process of office appointment is undertaken by the governor of the state who has the discretion to determine number of board members before a further approval by the senate (NCSBN, 2019). In contrast, the board in Texas is limited to thirteen members who are also appointed by the governor.
On applicability of the regulations to APRNs, both laws facilitate licensing procedures for the professionals which enable them to practice at home and in other states. The objective under such an action is to avail nursing personnel with specialized skills to all parts of the country thereby improving quality of healthcare in the US (NCSBN, 2019). In order to conform to the provisions of the regulations, APRNs should consider obtaining additional specialized skills on the practice area of choice to enhance their relevance for ease of future licensing.
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