Problem Definition


There are five tenets of people management, In this paper I will list them and Illustrate the Importance of defining a problem correctly. The first tenet Is to focus on the performance, not personality.

This provides a discussion that can lecture performance enhancement. The second tenet is to provide a base line that measures the key element in the change process. The third is to examine the environment and determine where the specific behaviors occur and what the events before or after that influence It are.The fourth tenet is to alter the factor in the environment that will Influence the change In the employee. Finally confirm any improvements In performance as a result of changing the environment. It Is a matter of giving managers techniques to create an environment where the employee can motive his or herself. (Mobil, S.

J. , 1 988) By focusing on performance it gives people the opportunity to see the quality of the worked performed based on their skills and not their personality.

This solves the robber by allowing people to be more open minded and look at the Important factors.Providing positive feedback or constructive criticism allows for change and improvement, rather than having people upset and resulting in poor performance or high turnover rates. If we examine the environments in which certain behaviors occur than we have begun to define the problem. By doing this it will help to better understand why different behaviors are occurring In specific environments. If we can change the factor in the environment that Is causing the problem In performance of he employee than we can eliminate the factor and remove the problem all together.

In regards to confirming any improvements in performance as a result of the changing environment. This is simple, anyone that does a Job will perform better If they are rewarded. Sometimes all we need is a simple explanation of what’s expected. How can we complete a task when we are uncertain what is expected of us?

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