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Power Of One Essay, Research Paper

Power of One

I did non bask this film. I thought it was ill done, the camera shootings

were really basic, it was highly predictable and? deja vu? . Since I am no

Leonar Maltin and this assignement does non inquire for a film review, I will

state no farther. If we take into factors what I already stated above, I guess

you already know what I think of the stoping. I will now expose my train of

ideas while replying the inquiry.

The two scenes that I found the most signifcant in this film were th one

where the pugilist friends loses his oculus and Pk & # 8217 ; s girlfriend dies. Sing

those two scenes, Idont think this was a really realistic stoping. Pk & # 8217 ; s girlfriend

dies, and two proceedingss subsequently he does non care, he & # 8217 ; s already off singing and

dancing. The same happens with the pugilist friend.

He loses an oculus. Who cares? I

intend it & # 8217 ; s merely an oculus, we & # 8217 ; ve got so many of those that we can pull off to lose

one or two.


hat would go on to Pk is he would he would be caught by the Afrikaaners

constabularies and likely be tortured and killed ; same thing with the pugilist friend.

Than it would non an American film any longer, it would be excessively realistic,

something the American populace, and excessively a lesser extent the general populace does

non appreciate.

I believe this stoping is non realistic as Pk loses his greatest love ( or

so they make us believe in the film ) dies and he does non care and continues

to contend the? bad cats? , non believing about her of all time once more in the film. Lapp

thing with his pugilist friend, who merely continues to populate on like nil of all time


I already stated above what should hold been done to do this a more

realistic stoping. The pugilist should hold crushed psychologically and should hold

dropped all activities against the governement. Same thing with Pk.

I have tried to explicate what was incorrect with this film, while exposing my

train of ideas on the secret plan.

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