Poverty, Education and development.


provide a critical discussion of at least one technical document (treaty, policy, law. White paper etc.) related to Global Inequliaty. 2. Use at least One text Author the required readings in the discussion of your essay. 3. Make use of, and show ability in at least one of the debates, theories or interpretative paradigms discuses during the the course. 4. Make Judicious and parsimonious use of secondary literature not included within required reading or suggested literature (mini 5 sources). 5. essay should specify your research questions and hypothesis; have an argument; and provide a clear conclusion.
Notes: I have chosen poverty and education as a area of focus and I have picked Guinea Conakry as a case study to focus on as my issues. i want to use Book “development as freedom” as main sources argument and theory, and then compare it Guinea system. As it stands I don’t have specified essay questions, we will need to make up one.

This the rough notes I have made up. You can go by this or develop new one it’s completely fine by me:

Effect of poverty, such as low life expectancy, ill health and illiteracy and dependence.
Poverty as cause of migration? Who is responsible for what and for who ?
Look at international rules, claims and policies around eliminating poverty and discuss.
Look at international education laws for the poor and discuss whether they are doing to anything in Guinea to help. Thinking back to Sen theory, look at Guinea education system and discuss whether it is being applied or not. Look at incentives taken by the government to improve education system and discuss whether they have applied Sen theory.

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