Porter’s Five Forces



Part 1 – Strategy: Start the next section of your report by describing the major theories that affect companies’ global strategies. For each theory, provide the following information in 100 to 200 words: a basic definition of the theory an example of how that theory might inform or affect ACME’s global business strategy. Cover the following theories in your report:

Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’sNational Competitive Advantag Theory Comparative Advantage Absolute Advantage Ghemawat’s AAA strategies for global value creation In 150 to 200 words for each strategy, define each of the three AAA strategies, and write a recommendation for the strategy that will make the most sense for ACME to use as it expands into the global market. In your recommendation, explain why you believe the “A” strategy you chose is most appropriate. Also, explain why the other two strategies might not work as well. Part 2 – Supply Chain and Manufacturing: It may seem obvious, but part of operating a retail business is making sure that customers are able to purchase your products when and where they want to. That’s where manufacturing and supply chain management come into play. If ACME plans to expand sales of its products globally, the company’s supply chain will need to expand and adapt to new conditions and challenges. In the next section of your report, provide ACME with thorough explanations of the following concepts related to supply chain management: Supply Chain Management Push model Pull model Horizontal dimension Vertical dimension Key Supply Chain activities Qualities of top-performing Supply Chains Principle components of Supply Chain management

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