Population, Poverty, And Pollution Are Sometimes Cited As The Three Most Important Factors Influencing Global Health Status Today. Cite And Support Your Reasons For Agreeing Or Disagreeing With This Assertion Using A Specific Country Or Region Of The Worl

Population, poverty, and pollution are sometimes cited as the three most important factors influencing global health status today. Cite and support your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with this assertion using a specific country or region of the world as an example. (25 points)
Providing a clean environment is a necessity for population health, but it is a complex and expensive proposition that needs governmental support and control. State and describe four governmental interventions (policies) that have significantly improved the environment. (25 points)
Identify and describe what you consider to be the five most significant events in the evolution of public health in the United States. Explain the significance of each event that led you to its selection and support your answer. (25 points)
Define the terms “infectious disease” and “chronic disease” and state the major challenges of each for population health in the United States today. What has been the most effective public health intervention to date to bring each into control? Support your answer. (25 points)

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