Political science, ideal state assignment


Create a comprehensive plan for your new government. While creating this government identify 1) the governing style of your government and the principles that govern your leaders (see rubric); 2) the functions of various branches of government; 3) how to maintain public good in domestic areas through at least two programs; 4) an economic structure that is most beneficial to your citizens; 5) ways to create national unity; 6) ways to combat terrorism and violence; and, 6) international organizations to join.

Ideal State
The Republic of Cuba is my country of residence. The country is located in the northern Caribbean in North America. It comprises the island of Cuba and minor archipelagos. The capital city of Cuba is Havana. Currently, the country is in havoc after a coup d’etat occurred due to the struggle for power between the government and opposition. Loyalists have carried out attacks in various regions creating tension in many areas. The focus of killing civilians is to seek international attention, sabotage democracy and undermine the emerging leadership. The paper explains plan including the governance style, roles of different arms of government, public good, economic systems, and the international organizations to join to create unity.
Domestic Issues
The current situation requires a democratic form of governing style. It will involve the citizens who will be involving in electing their leaders on a periodic basis. The democratic system will give every citizen the power in the decision-making process. The system will comprise of major principles including separation of powers, sovereignty, and the rule of law (Magstadt, 2016). Separation of powers means that the government will be divided into different arms to prevent one arm from misusing it. Additionally, sovereignty means that people have the supreme authority (Roberts, 2016). On the other hand, the rule of the law means that all citizens are equally subject to the law. The three arms of government will collaborate to deliver the best services to citizens.
The government will comprise of different arms including the judicial, legislative and executive arm. The role of the legislative arm is to develop bills that become laws in a country to govern various issues (Roberts, 2016). The judiciary will be responsible for providing an accurate interpretation of the laws and how it applies to different issues. Additionally, the executive will be responsible for enforcing the law (Roberts, 2016). It comprises of the police and other government departments that ensure the country operates in order. The role of the three arms is to ensure the issues in the country are addressed comprehensively.
The country can embrace public good programs including national reconciliation and providing incentives to local investments. The country had previously been plunged into chaos and thus national reconciliation between the fighting parties is necessary (Roberts, 2016). The reconciliation is also crucial for national healing to ensure the country is without bitterness that can prompt another coup d’etat. It will also ensure people are working together for economic and social development (Magstadt, 2016). The second program is necessary since local investors may shy away from investing due to the unstable economy. The incentives will include providing adequate infrastructure and market to sell their products. The local companies will provide jobs to the locals thus leading to a stable economy. The two domestic programs are essential in fostering social-economic growth in the country and quick recovery from the coup d’etat.
A mixed economic system is the best structure that can be used to run the economic activities of the country. The approach comprises of supporting both government-owned organizations and private companies. The blend between the two will provide a healthy competition thus fostering creativity (Roberts, 2016). It will also increase the satisfaction of customers since they have an opportunity to choose. The owners of private companies will increase the service delivery of various services and products.
A country that has been unaffected by war, killings and overthrowing the government requires socialization of the citizens. The socialization process will create national unity since the citizens will know each other and appreciate their strengths and weaknesses (Magstadt, 2016). They will know that everyone is important and that they should remain as brothers and sisters. Therefore, it will be easy to create national unity when people remain in peace and committed to the welfare of their neighbors.
Foreign Concerns
The best international organizations include the United Nations (UN) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). UN was coined at the end of Second World War to promote international cooperation and peace. It has 193 member states. The role of UN is to ensure peace in different countries by advising the country or deploying security personnel (Reinhart & Trebesch, 2016). IMF will ensure financial stability and development of the nation. The financial institution is headquartered in Washington, DC.
The country can join the UN by sending a letter of application to the Secretary-General indicating their willingness and adherence to the UN charter (Reinhart & Trebesch, 2016). The application will be reviewed by the Security Council to grant or deny the request. To join the IMF, the country will make the application and indicate their commitment to code of conduct of IMF Agreement articles. When the application is granted, the nation will pay a quota and pursue economic policies that foster economic development.
The best ways to combat terrorism is to enhance law enforcement and border control, and combat activities that finance terrorism activities (Reinhart & Trebesch, 2016). The two ways will be effective since border control will prevent the attacks at the border by terrorists from other activities. It will also ensure the terrorist activities are not funded by individuals or businesses. The two strategies will prevent attacks from occurring.
The process of creating an ideal situation in Cuba is possible when the right strategies are applied. Democracy is necessary for the nation since it will provide the necessary freedom. The country should emphasize on working closely with all the arms of government to foster achievement of set targets. Cuba will be required to join the IMF and UN to boost security and economic progress

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