Philosophy Question: 24. What did dying well mean to Seneca?



24. What did dying well mean to Seneca? 25. How did Seneca die? 26. What, according to the Stoics, are the four major passions? 27. Explain the conclusion to Rule 3 of The Encheiridion. If you kiss your child or wife, say that you are kissing a human being; for when it dies you will not be upset. 28. Which four figures did the Stoics say might possibly have reached the perfect condition of being sages? 29. What was Kisa Gotami instructed to do so that Buddha could bring her child back to life? 30. What, according to rule 33 of The Encheiridion, should you ask yourself when you are about to meet someone, especially someone who seems to be distinguished? 31. Which two Platonic dialogues are referenced in the final rule of The Encheiridion? 32. How did Pyrrho respond to the charge that the Skeptic’s assertion that they know nothing is self-contradictory or self-refuting? 33. What was the primary source of Pyrrho’s Skepticism, and specifically the denial of certainty? 34. What are the three steps of the Skeptic Way? 35. Which term did the Skeptics coin for the suspension of judgment? 36. What was the goal of the scholastic method? 37. Which emperor declared Christianity the state religion of Rome? 38. What was Constantine’s “new Rome”? 39. Who was the most influential philosopher between Aristotle and Aquinas? 40. Who invented self-reflective writing in the West? 41. Which writing is considered by some to be the beginning of autobiography? 42. Which Greek philosopher greatly influenced Saint Augustine? Which Greek philosopher greatly influenced Saint Thomas Aquinas? 43. How does Saint Augustine define evil? 44. What is a theodicy? 45. What is the most popular way to reconcile the shared existence of a good god and evil? 46. What were the two fundamental forms of instruction at the universities? 47. What was the most famous and representative university to emerge in the Middle Ages, and what was the main reason for its high status? 48. What was Thomas Aquinas nicknamed by his classmates at the Dominican school at Cologne? 49. What is Saint Thomas Aquinas’ most famous work? 50. What are Saint Thomas Aquinas’ “Five Ways”, and which Way is sometimes called the Design Argument

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