Personal Statement


Responsible: being accountable for one’s actions and decision. This adjective is one of the few I feel would describe me. Mature- another word that really defines me as a person. At a very young age I felt I was a lot more mature and responsible then the rest of the kids. Over the years I know I proved myself right by making the right decisions and being above the influence. From a child to becoming a young adult my mother and peers have influenced me to be the person I am. My mom is one person I hate to see hurt or disappointed and I felt I needed to be mature and responsible for her. As her being my only parent she had no time to deal with unnecessary drama so I did my best not to cause any. She has always tried to provide me with a better life so the least I could do was make hers the slightest bit easier.

I know I would fit into this school and benefit it because my personality is one of a young, caring, mature adult.
I don’t know whether maturing at a fast pace is good or bad, but I know I have benefited. Ever since I was a little girl I knew right from wrong. My mom would teach me between good and bad, but also how to accept responsibility for my actions. If I could say one thing it’s that my mother raised me right. I knew that if I made a mistake or did something wrong I would have to face the consequences with only myself to blame. If I messed up id have to deal with the repercussions and make it right. On the new, somewhere in the world, maybe even in my life someone is making a wrong decision. Experiencing it first hand is really life changing because it’s not only about the mistake you made, but the people you may have hurt. One person I hate disappointing is my mom. If I make a mistake she has to deal with it as well. As my mom being my only parent I felt the need to be mature, grow up, and take care of myself just to make her life a little bit easier.
Going into high school I knew I knew id face many obstacles, but I planned on not letting them influence me and my decisions. As I came into high school I knew I wasn’t going to let people change me or the way I think. When I make a decision or choose to act on something I like to think about the consequences. I hate hurting others or disappointing the ones I care about most. My conscience as well really plays a huge part in who I am because I’m always thinking between the right decision or the wrong. In school I stray from the “norm” teenager. I like to separate myself from the crowd and be an individual. A lot of teenagers lose themselves in the pressure of their peers or school and some may even go down the wrong path by making bad decisions. Growing up made me realize there’s more to life than what the normal teenager can see.
Being mature isn’t just about growing up and making the right decisions. It’s about being all around a good person and learning life-long lessons. Yeah it comes with responsibilities and choices, but it also comes with accomplishments you can be proud of. Obstacles will get in your way but it’s about how you handle them that makes you the person you are and will be for the rest of your life. Being responsible and mature makes me a good candidate because I know how to handle things being thrown at me unexpectedly. I take things one at a time in a mature matter and think about the consequences before I act on impulse. As a teenager I know to make the right decisions and choose what’s best for me.

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