Personal Statement My name is—


Personal Statement
My name is vbc. I can only define myself as a proactive and rigorous learner who has a solid foundation in the academic grounds. The evidence to my dynamic and stringent claim is reflected on my perceived achievement of Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. I have to admit that the course is quite tight but so far, I have managed to maintain good grades that have allowed the continuity of semesters without academic quarrels with the administration. In addition to being a focused learner, I do also have an excellent mindset for Marketing and Business Development. Running of business, specifically my own, has always been my biggest dream which is hopeful to accomplish in the future. Therefore I am ready to dedicate all my best knowledge and practices on attached businesses with aims of gaining more experience to enable success upon making my dream come true. This paper entails more detailed information on my statement to get a clear picture of Alice.
As stated above, I am currently perusing my course of Hospitality Management in the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. The admission to this institution was way back from 2013 up to date, whereby am expecting to attain the first class honors in the course. My first class honors degree will entail grades from coursework and academic projects. The relevant coursework includes; hospitality marketing, service management, technology, food service operations, convention industry and gaming management. Academic projects, on the other hand, includes air France online marketing strategy analysis and Restaurant management and operation as an executive chef. Lucky I have passed most of the fields with excellence, which explains my anticipation of attaining first class honors upon course completion.
I could say am a highly competitive individual in hospitality management occupation, as the two internships highly exposed me to the real world occupation demands. The first internship took place at SHANGRI-LA HOTEL, where I got presented with the sales and marketing section from May to August 2015. In this section, I was able to create a brand for the hotel and marketed its materials to prospective clients in meetings. Besides that, I made a media coverage of the current trends in the hotel industries and synthesized the information into memos. Another task I did was maintaining the social media outreach of the hotel which included the significant booking and tourists’ websites. Lastly but not least, I happen to have been fortunate during the internship as I got to work in the front-office operations and management of guest expectation.
The second internship took place at ST Fun Travel INC from January to April 2017. This was another opportunity that highly sharpened my skill and knowledge in understanding the operation of the hospitality business. Some of the tasks I got to work on during this internship include; liaising, and answering inquiries from organizations, media, and individuals frequently through telephone calls and emails. I also did researchers who aimed at writing attractive content which targeted the press. During this internship, I was able to obtain knowledge of the accounting department structure. Lastly, from this experience a got knowledgeable of how accounting reports and statement look like, and how they are created.
Additional Information
Besides being knowledgeable in the Hospitality education, am also good at IT. To be specific, I have a high proficiency in MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Google Drive and Prezi. The named It skills were structured back in high school. I took computer lessons, which were based on personal interest motive. Since childhood, I loved the art of technology especially the computers. I loved to see how my father simplified his office work at home, with the use of a laptop. Therefore I promised myself that I would indulge myself in learning the usage of the computer so as to simplify and probably enable excellence of my future work. This explains why I have these IT skills, besides being a lady regardless of it being a male perception by the society.
I can communicate using the English language proficiently as well as Korean. English happens to be one of the most common languages, which advocates for one to be well equipped with if at all one needs to be good at communication. (Guffey, Loewy, 2010) Communication is known to be amongst the fundamental ground of a business success, and since it is my future goal to be satisfied with my business, I made English subject my arsenal. Being born in Mandarin, Korean language is in my veins. I can, therefore, speak fluent English and Korean as well.
Lastly but not least I own a certificate in the ServSafe. This means that I am well trained in offering food and alcohol to clients. In other words, I can do the waiters jobs with minimum supervision and fully satisfy the clients. Besides the Certification, I do also poses specific personal interests like; cooking of traditional Chinese food, traveling, writing, brainstorming and reading fashion magazines. These interests always keep me in the loop of understanding what the market needs. To conclude, I find myself as a highly qualified individual, whom any Hospitality company is looking for in the 21st century (Harkison, poulston, Ginny Kim, 2011) .

Harkison, T., Poulston, J., & Ginny Kim, J. H. (2011). Hospitality graduates and managers: the big divide. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 23(3), 377-392.
Guffey, M. E., & Loewy, D. (2010). Business communication: Process and product. Cengage Learning.

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