Personal Plan What Are Your Personal Goals English Language Essay


Setting a plan for future is the most powerful process of thinking about our future and motivating ourselves to achieve our dreams and bringing them to reality. The process of setting goals helps us to choose where we want to be in our life, what we want in our life, and what steps we need to take in our life to achieve our goals as we have planned. Personal plan is the most important step we need to take it. Personal plan helps us to move forward towards our career hunting for a job, to start our own business, and also our future with our family.

Therefore, I have set some plans to achieve my goals. I believe that how big we think, big we dream, and big we plan, that’s how big we achieve our goals in our life. I always think hard and long about my future. Peter Drucker’s quote “the best way to predict the future is to create it,” is one of my favorite quote which give me the strength and reason to create my plans for my better future.

So with this inspiration I always imagine my future from since I was a kid.

By imagining my life fifteen years from now, one of my plan and dream is to get married to guy who loves me a lot, who cares for me and my family, giving respect to all, who is well settled and also who will always stands beside me my happiness and unhappiness. Trust and understanding are one of the main important things which I would like to give importance in my married life. Currently I am not in a relationship but I would like to have someone in my life who will fill my whole life with colors of happiness. I would get married to a guy of my dream and would be living with him for my life time. As I am from an Indian family I would like to marry to an Indian guy.

I believe in joint family system so, I would like to live in a joint family after my marriage with my husband and his family. Joint family helps us to keep strong bond relationship between each other in family, which keeps unity and also gives us support during any necessity. Joint family teaches children to respect our elder and the ability to sacrifice what they want in life. I would like to have two children, one girl and one boy and want to be the best mom for my kid. I don’t want to put my kids in babysitting as they don’t take care as one family member or a mother takes for their children. I would like to work from 7:00 am until 3:00 pm, as I would be back at home when my kids are back at home from school. Spending time with the family is very necessary to keep family happy. I would also like to spend my weekends with my family and would like to go out with them and cooking some specials foods for my family as cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. Spending time with children’s is so important because if we do not spend time with children then they are going to feel neglected and nobody is giving them importance nor nobody loves them. This type of feelings forces children to do wrong things and divert them in wrong path. Therefore, I would like to provide environment of unity, love and peace to my children. Spending time with husband is also as important as appending time with children to run our marriage life smoothly.

Currently I am busy with my studies and job so I couldn’t take care of my health, but I would like to gain some weight by maintaining my figure as I am married now and would like to maintain my health as in other ways too. I would like to work out every day for an hour in future which I am not able to maintain my schedule in present.

I would like to improve in sex from 18 years of life. I would like to have some enough money that I can take care of my family and fulfill wants of my family. I would like to buy my own house where I would be living happily with my family and would also like to save money around $75000 in my account by deducting all expenses such as car insurance, mortgage, bills for other utilities, my children’s expenses, and our other daily expenses.

What are your Career Goals?

Currently I am pursuing my undergraduate education in accounting, finance, and MIS concentration and planned to graduate with 150 credits by January 2011 and take my bachelor degree. I would like to be paid at list 55000 per year at entry level job with some experience of internship. While continuing the job at firm I would also like to take my CPA license. I would like to complete my bachelor degree and get my CPA license. In present I don’t have full time job but I would like to have a full time job from where I could achieve all my dreams. After finishing my studies I planned to work in a fast growing accounting and finance firm where my skills and knowledge would be challenged daily in a corporate environment. My career goal is to except the ever challenging corporate environment to develop myself. I am an independent and a responsible person. I would like to start my career with big four firm or either a rapid growing industries of accounting and finance. As I am still beginning my career I would go for any position of accounting and finance available in the firm because that position might be a stepping stone to our success, but I would most prefer the government job. Government jobs provides a wide range of benefits like insurance, retirement, social security, thrift saving plan, leave and holidays, recruitment bonus and many more. Government jobs provide insurance for care and life based on options which includes the family insurance in it. Government jobs provides several others options of savings similar 401k plan, provides paid 13 days sick leave each year and paid vacation leave each year depending on number of years of service. Also one of the other benefits is that we are given upto 25% of basic pay before entering on duty. I more prefer to work in a government company as they have more benefits and I would like to work in an auditing department as it has wide range of area such as forensic auditing, sales auditing, external auditing, internal auditing, and many more.

I am also interested in learning SAP FICO, which is used for finance and controlling. Many different fields such as Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Analyst, Senior Accountant, Staff Accountant, Cost Accountant, Financial Analyst Accountant, and CFO are required to have knowledge about SAP FICO. Media salary for job for the person with the SAP FICO skill starts from $46208 for staff accountant and highest $99157 for CFO according to rating by pay scale (Salary Survey for Skill: SAP SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (SAP FICO) (United States)) . I would like to be CFO of a company and help the firm achieves its goal. One of my goal is to add the greatest quantity of worth to the company where I am working in a shortest amount of time. I would like to build the great confidence among my coworkers towards me and also would like to work at a place where people understand the meaning of team work. I like to work in firm where coworkers will be helpful and caring.

A strategic plan for your future?

I have planned my personal and career goals and I try to achieve it according to my goals. I believe that if we need succeed in our life, setting goals is one of the most important goals towards success. To accomplish our goals we can just say I want to do this today and expect to be done. Goals setting a process where we actually need a real hard work to achieve our goal.

As I mentioned earlier in career goals that I want to become CPA within 5 years from now. So to accomplish my goal I would be working hard for my CPA exams and additional I would be doing full time job. I also planned to get married in five years, so to accomplish my personal goal of getting married within 5 years I need to first get myself settled and would like to be in relationship after finishing my bachelor degree. I would be enjoying my married life and spending time with my husband.

I would like to start my own CPA firm within 10 years from now. Experience and knowledge are the two most important objectives necessary to start our own business. So I decide to work in any government firm or public firm and gain some experience and then start my own business. I would also like to take my MBA degree before starting my own business. To start my own business investment is the most important factor to be made in business. Therefore I would like to have an investment of around at least $60000 in my business, because new business needs some time to settle in market. To accomplish my goal of starting business and taking my MBA degree I have to work hard and need to be more organized. While doing my business and studies I have to make sure to spend time with my family too.

I would be doing my business and would like to buy a motel within 20 years from now. I would also like to investment my money more in property and would like to give it on rent so that we can also have side income by sitting at home. I would also like to do invest my money in stocks. I would like to develop my business as fast as possible. I would hire some people for my business as I couldn’t be there at different places at a same time. I have all kind of experience now but still I would like to get continuously update with ever changing technologies. So I would like to get training and experience in new upcoming technologies within the 20 years from now. A new technology makes our work easier and faster, for example – computer. So it’s so important to get knowledge in new upcoming technologies.

I would be 66 years old after 35 years. I have achieved everything in my life as I planned. I would like to get retired from job and would like to concentrate on my business. I would help my son to get knowledge of our business as he would be the one who will be taking care of it. I would like to buy one house in Anaheim, in southern California because love that city. It has maintained parks and trees on the roadways. I would be still investing my money in stocks by spending most of my time with my family. Now I have developed in money and home from 18 areas of my life.

A Strategic “plan B” for your future.?

Some of my imagination changed as I grew up, some of them are already achieved and some of them are still too accomplished. For example, when I was a kid if somebody asks me what I want to become in future then my answer was doctor, but now my answer changed as I grew up. Although some of my personal goals are still same as I planed when I was a kid. Goals should be planned in a smart way. “Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.”-William Ellery Channing. We always plan ahead of time but sometimes still it fails to work according to what we planned our personal and career goals. We don’t know what our future is going to be so we need to always plan solutions with the goals. We face many thorns in our life and so we have to pass through these thorns with the courage and strength to achieve our goals.

As I have planned doing MBA after 10 years from now, but I am not sure whether I am going to accomplish my goal or not, as I am going to be busy with my married life and children. I would tradeoffs some of the spending time with my family to earn my MBA degree. If I am not able to get my MBA degree I would like to take online classes and complete my MBA degree by sitting at home and by giving enough time to my family too. MBA is very important for me as I want to open my own business. So before starting any business, knowledge of administrating business is so important to keep our business running on smooth basis on today’s competiting environment.

Next goal is to get a job in government firm but I am not sure as I am going to achieve my goal or not due to the competitive environment. So in option if I don’t get any government job I would like to work in a private or public firm where my skills will be practiced in a daily competitive environment. I would like to work in a big four firm and will achieve my goals. I would not let affect my goals due to any obstacles in my personal goals and career goals. I have planned my goals in such a SMART way that would not lead any mislead to my goals. I have divided my goals by keeping some gap between my each goal so that there will be not much chance to achieve it.

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