Patient Health History and Review of Systems


Patient Health History and Review of Systems Assignment Submit the patient history and the review of systems, focusing on the systems we are studying in this class. The write up should be a 3-5 page summary in APA format of the findings of the complete history and review of systems. Use the headings Patient History, Review of Systems. You should also use subheadings as in the Bickley text. For example, under history, you should use subheadings of Health History, Chief Complaint, etc. The “Case of Mrs. N” in our Bickley text (p. 17-20) gives an excellent example to use as a reference for this assignment. You will find the “Recording Your Findings” section at the end of each Bickley Chapter very helpful in your documentation for the above assignment. I would suggest using it as your guideline. Here is a sample paper for your reference: Sample of Patient Health History and Review of Systems.docxPreview the document Patient History Form and Rubric With a patient of your choosing, conduct and document a Patient History, including a Chief Complaint, History of Present Illness, Past Medical and Surgical History, Family History and Personal Social History. (Using the outline in the Bickley textbook, pages 1-2). Review the Grading Rubric below, which will guide you as you prepare to demonstrate proficiency in your documentation of the Health History.

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