Outline for Paper on Affordable Housing:


Outline for Paper on Affordable Housing:

Please click on the link here –> The Basic Outline of a Paper.pdf1 Preview the documentto use to construct your outline. The document gives detail about what the outline and a template you should use to put together your thoughts about the paper.

Make sure that you include the thesis statement we have finalized in your outline. Please create a thesis statement

1 (Links to an external site.)www.crestmont.edu/pdf/candidates-reserarch-papers….

Research Question: How might (and can) cities in the position of Salt Lake City, as a booming city, create policies that address scarcity in affordable housing?

Possible Key Words/Topics:

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Application

Affordable Housing Success Metrics

Affordable Housing Utah

Affordable Housing Program

housing affordability index

How do you qualify for affordable housing?

Income Limits

Low income housing

Section 8

Housing assistance programs

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Fair Market Rent

housing vouchers

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