Nursing model, theory assignment writing


You will choose a conceptual model, a nursing theory, or related healthcare theory and apply it to interventions to either improve the health of a patient whom the student had cared for in the past or to resolve a health care issue. Objectives: 1. Select appropriate theories, models, frameworks, and concepts from nursing and non-nursing disciplines applicable to a specific human phenomenon of interest. 2. Discuss how the chosen theory or framework guides the interventions that influence healthcare outcomes for diverse populations in a variety of settings. Instructions: 1. Discussion of the patient or health care setting issue, including pertinent history and status when the patient or the health care setting issue was experienced at the facility. 2. Introduction of the applicable theory. Include explanations addressing all the paradigm concepts and propositions. 3. Analysis of the theory application to the care of the patient or to resolving the health care setting issue. Be specific in how the framework or theory would affect the care of the patient and/or would address resolving the health care setting issue; how the model affects the assessment, and diagnosis of the patient or health care setting issue and how it guides the choice/structure your interventions. 4. Discussion of the challenges encountered during the application of the model/theory to the case study should be provided. Paper Guidelines: 1. Introduction: purpose of paper, approximately ½ page. 2. Brief summary of the theory or framework a. Main premises of the theory b. Current utility of the theory for application to practice, research, or educationc. Approximately 1-2 pages in length 3. Patient problem or issue in practice: a. What is the problem? b. Significance of the problem: Why do you think this is an area of concern, include references to support your discussion. c. Approximately 1-2 pages in length 4. Analyze the chosen theory or framework and how it relates to the interventions a. Present at least one scholarly article that addressed interventions to resolve/improve this practice problem/issue. b. Explain the connections between the intervention to improve/resolve practice problem/issues and the viewpoint of the theory or framework. c. Approximately 2-3 pages in length 5. Conclusion a. What overall affects the ability to apply this theory to a practice problem? b. What are some links between theory, research and practice that predict the usefulness of this theory in development of EBP and/or standards of care in nursing and health care? c. Reflect on the problem you discussed and consider: Is theory needed for future research on that problem/issue or not? d. Approximately 1-2 pages in length 6. References: a. Provide at least 5 articles or text references on the theory or related interventions in practice. b. Provide a list of all References cited in the paper on the final page of the paper. This scholarly paper will have maximum of 10 pages and minimum of 6 pages with at least 5 references. Paper and references must follow APA format.

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