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Name: NURS_3100_Week4_Discussion_Rubric

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Required Content “Option 1 Reflected on expertise that is expected to be acquired with education at Walden. Described the knowledge and skills needed to achieve professional goals.
OR Option 2 Identified quality indicator and explained reasons. Described both the issue and involvement in it or discussed leadership’s role and role in utilizing the indicator to improve health care. “–

Response Posts “Entered the discussion thread on 3 separate days. Wrote at least two posts to two separate peers. Responses are appropriate to the topic, substantive, and promoted discussion by one or more of the following: • contributing insight to move the discussion forward. • offering substantial and/or different points of view and asks questions to add to discussion • including extra references or websites for peers to consider • relating discussion to different areas of practice and applying concepts to practice **Additional points may be deducted for late posting per the University late policy.”–

Writing and Format Uses evidence to support a claim and give credit to the source. Uses course learning resources and seeks additional scholarly resources to support ideas. Displays sentence, paragraph, and essay skills. Writes in a scholarly, well-organized manner using own words by synthesizing evidence/resources. Paraphrases to avoid plagiarism of the source. APA: No more than one short, unique quote with correct APA format. Appropriate use and format of in-text citations. Lists references.

Required Content
Described the selected QI related to a nursing topic of interest.
“Described how the QI improves quality, safety, and outcomes for patients and families. “–
” Described the current data and leadership’s goals for improvement.
Writer makes use of course resources as directed in the assignment instructions. The use of two required resources is clearly identified.

Academic Writing Expectations (AWE 2) 2000/3000 Level (incudes APA) “Displays sentence and paragraph skills: Constructs simple, complex and compound sentences. Writes without spelling, grammatical or syntax errors. Writes without sentence fragments or run on sentences. Uses punctuation appropriately. Writes appropriate introductions and conclusions. Demonstrates essay level skills: Cohesion and flow by using transition sentences. Precision, clarity and academic tone. Synthesizes resources by using own words. Limits use of quotes appropriately. APA Formatting: cover page, title of paper on second page, level headings, Times New Roman 12 font, 1” margins, and page numbers. APA References: Uses in-text citations appropriately and format correctly. Paraphrases to avoid plagiarizing the source.”–

Total Points: 140
Name: NURS_3100_Week_4_Assignment_Rubric

Title of Paper

Student’s Full Name

Walden University

Course Number, Section, and Title
(Example: NURS 3100 Section 01, Issues and Trends)

Month, Day, Year
(enter the date submitted to instructor)

Title of Paper

This is your introduction paragraph which is designed to inform the reader as to what you will cover in the paper. Double-space the paper with 1″ margins on all sides. The American Psychological Association (APA) recommends using Times New Roman in 12 point font. The last sentence of this paragraph needs to be, “The purpose of this paper is to describe . . . “
Level One Heading
Organize your headings by following the assignment’s Grading Rubric criteria.
Level One Heading
Be sure to credit your source(s) in your paper using APA Style. Citations are required at the 2000/3000 AWE Level using APA formatting requirements.
The Walden Writing Center is YOUR citation resource place at Also see the citation and reference examples provided in the Academic Expectations tab of this course.
End the assignment with a summary on the main points of the assignment.

Although a Reference List not is required at the 2000/3000 AWE Level, you may begin practicing referencing your source/s using APA formatting requirements. The Walden Writing Center is YOUR reference resource place at Also see the citation and reference examples provided in the Academic Writing Expectations tab of this course.

NURS 3100 Academic Writing Expectations (AWE) Checklist, Weeks 4–6
Academic Writing Expectations for 2000/3000 Level Courses

Students: Prior to submission please review your assignment for sentence-level, paragraph level, and use of evidence to make sure you meet the AWE expectations. Check the boxes as you complete your review and click the links to access Writing Center for additional resources if you need them.

DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM WITH YOUR ASSIGNMENT. It is for you to check your compliance to Academic Writing Expectations.

• Sentence-level skills

0 Constructing complete and correct sentences. See an explanation of sentence components and how to avoid sentence fragments and run-ons. Work through an interactive module on sentence basics.
0 Using and spelling words correctly. See a list of commonly misused words and information on MS Word’s spell check.
0 Punctuating appropriately. See the different types of punctuation and their uses.
0 Using Grammarly to catch further errors. See a Grammarly tutorial.

• Paragraph-level skills

0 Using paragraph breaks. Each paragraph acts as a concrete unit of the central argument. See a description of paragraph basics.
0 Focusing each paragraph on one central idea (rather than multiple ideas). See an explanation of how topic sentences work.
0 Utilize essay level writing practice and skills, including the use of transitional material and organizational frames.

• Use of evidence

0 Using course learning resources. See examples of integrating evidence in a paper.
0 Enclosing direct quotes in quotation marks. Read about the purpose of quotation marks.
0 Paraphrasing (explaining in one’s own words) to avoid plagiarizing the source. Using
quotes appropriately (no more than one short, unique quote.) See paraphrasing strategies. See Ineffective Paraphrasing Strategies
0 Using in-text citations appropriately. Citations have the same three elements regardless of source.

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