Negative impact of social media;


While social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have facilitated a variety of social processes, some evidence suggests that these platforms may have a negative impact on the social development of youth. Identify whether you think social media have a positive or negative influence on youth today.

Your research essay must have a thesis statement that answers your chosen question based on research that you have conducted. The most successful essays will narrow the topic to allow for a well-focused discussion of your argument and reasoning. For example, if you are answering the first question, you may want to consider one particular disadvantage or advantage of social media. In addition to a thesis statement, your essay must contain unified paragraphs beginning with strong topic sentences that you support with well-explained evidence.
You must use and cite at least three sources in your essay, and at least two of these sources must be academic sources. You must cite all the sources that you use to write your essay. Failure to correctly cite your sources may results in a failing grade on the essay.
Follow MLA parenthetical format, including a separate works cited page

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