Nat Turner, details of his life as a biography


My research paper topic I will discuss will be about the rise and fall of Nat Turner. I will discuss the details of his life as a biography.

I hesitated when I first read your topic proposal. Nat Turner and his rebellion took place before the Civil War so it doesn’t really fit in the time period of our course. HOWEVER, Nat Turner’s rebellion was very significant and is still rather vivid in our historical memory and imagination. What you could do is talk about the basic facts of his life and rebellion and then examine why it continued to be important long after he was gone – that is, the significance of his legacy. That would be a really interesting paper. You could even talk about why you – a young person in the 21st century is even interested in researching him. You could see what major figures like W.E. B. DuBois or Ida B. Wells or any other major figure had to say about him. Give this some careful thought. Try looking at some sites like those below.

Nat Turner’s Slave Uprising Left Complex Legacy – Latest Stories

Oct 5, 2016 – Nat Turner’s Slave Uprising Left Complex Legacy. Art depicts Nat Turner and his companions planning their slave rebellion, which would kill at least 55 people in Virginia and inspire an ongoing debate over Turner’s legacy.

A Rebellion to Remember: The Legacy of Nat Turner

A Rebellion to Remember: The Legacy of Nat Turner. Nat Turner is widely regarded as one of the most complex figures in American history and American literature. October marks the anniversary both of his birth and of his arrest as the leader of one of the United States’ most famous slave rebellions.

Research Paper Guidelines for US History From 1860

Topic: Your topic can be anything related to the history of America from the start of the Civil War to the start of World War II) : a person, a people, an event like a battle or a war or exploration, an era, a movement, a period of art, music, literature, fashion, – these are just suggestions, not an exclusive list. Your topic can be one that extends past 1940 as long as the story begins before 1940. Take the time to find a topic that truly interests you – if it relates to your major, even better. At the bottom I have added a list of all the important people that appear in The Devil in the White City – sometimes just a cameo appearance. These are only suggestions for a topic. You do not have to choose from the list. Of course you could choose any of the people that appear in The Killer Angels as well.

Format: – Your paper must be double spaced and at least five pages.

– It must have a bibliography or works cited page properly formatted in MLA format.

– It must have a minimum of three sources and at least one must be a non-on-line source. You can not use Wikipedia as a source. You should include if possible a primary source, especially if you are researching a person.

– It must include citations of your sources in the body of the paper documenting where you got your information.

– It must have a cover page

– It may include pictures or images but be sure to reference your maps and pictures too showing where you got them.

– Of course it must be submitted through Brightspace and you must use Turn-it-in.

This project is broken into three phases and the due dates for each phase are included here and are on your syllabus.

Phase III: Your final paper

Note: Phase I and Phase II equal 35% of your grade. Why? They are that important. If you ignore them and only turn in the final paper you cannot hope to get more than a 60 – and that would only be if it were perfect. If you do not turn in a final paper after getting your corrected draft back, your draft will be considered your final paper and that will not be a good situation. Due December 3rd

Note: This assignment is 30% of your final grade. It is very important!!

Rubric For Grading Research Paper

Phase I: Topic and Sources


Phase II: Draft


Phase III: Final Paper

Information presented in clear and organized fashion


Subject covered in reasonable depth


Facts correctly footnoted/referenced


Correct spelling and Grammar


Properly formatted Bibliography/Works Cited Page and Cover page.


A word on formatting:

There are two good on-line tools for formatting a bibliography properly. One is and one is Noodletools. The first is accessible to everyone on the web and the latter can be accessed through the library. The librarians will be glad to help you figure out how to use it and to help you find appropriate sources if necessary.

I expect you to use the library to find sources. It is easy to search the library catalog on line. Go to the college web page, click on Library, and then click on the format you want – book, journal, etc – and then enter your search. You can then search by subject, title or author. There are a number of excellent data basis including journals. A journal counts as something other than a website. If the library does not have a book you want you can get it through Inter-library loan. You can request a book on line or you can ask the librarians to help you request it. Admittedly our library is still in the process of a difficult transition. The full catalog of physical books that still exist in the library may not yet be on line. When it is, it will tell you the location of the book and you can request the librarian to get it for you. You will also find when you go into Brightspace a useful Information Literacy Course with helpful resources.

If you are having trouble choosing a topic or finding sources for your topic please see me and I will do my best to help you.

If you are not sure about how to reference your information through footnotes in the body of your paper come and see me or go to the Writing Center where they will be happy to help you.

Topics For Information Literacy Project Based on The Devil in the White City

All of the people listed below play a role in The Devil in the White City. Some play a major role* and others just have cameo appearances. However, they were all important parts of the era the epitomized and highlighted by the 1893 Chicago’s World Fair.

Choose one of the individuals who interests you – you can read a little bit about them in the book by looking them up in the index in order to decide if you wish. Then find some reliable sources about their life and work including one non-internet source and write a three to five page paper about their life and their work including their connection to the Chicago World Fair of 1893.

Your paper must include: 1) a title page 2) footnotes (MLA style preferred) 3) a Works Cited page. Phase I of this Project is for you to tell me which person you have chosen and your Works Cited Page. Phase II will be a draft of your complete project. Phase III will be the final paper with any necessary corrections made from the draft.

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