Movie Synthesis Final Paper


7-9 pages Pick any one American film mentioned in your textbook, (Understanding Movies 14th Edition) or class modules (either in the text or photographs. etc/) that YOU HAVE SEEN IN OR OUT OF CLASS (ex: ‘Blade Runner’ ‘Pretty Woman’) and do a synthesis describing as many categories as covered in your textbook (ex: PHOTOGRAPHY, MISE EN SCENE, MOVEMENT, EDITING, SOUND, ACTING, STORY/WRITING, IDEOLOGY, etc.). You CANNOT choose ‘Citizen Kane’, as that was done for you in the textbook, and module. Do a complete synthesis, analyzing the film from each of the categories we’ve covered in class, in your own words. Cite examples! The more you write about each topic, the more points you will earn. Post in a Microsoft Word or text document ONLY!! Typed, double spaced.

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