Module 3 For This Discussion, Students Will Be Assigned To One (1) Of The Two (2) Groups By The Instructor. Complete Your Initial Post Based On The Assigned Scenario. Group 1:

Module 3
For this discussion, students will be assigned to one (1) of the two (2) groups by the instructor. Complete your initial post based on the assigned scenario.
Group 1:
Irene James was admitted to the Emergency Department after a fall at home. The patient states she stood up to let the cat outside, felt dizzy and fell. Irene reports pain in her left upper arm at an 8 on a 0 to 10 numeric pain scale. The RN suspects the patient has a fractured humerus. The patient’s daughter states, “Mom is on a new blood pressure medicine and has not been drinking very much. At her last doctor’s visit, the doctor told us that she must increase her fluid intake so she would not faint.” The RN obtains an order for pain medication and administers it. Twenty minutes later, the patient’s daughter calls for help. Irene is unresponsive. The nurse notes Irene’s blood pressure is 75/42, heart rate is 128, and the respiratory rate is 6. The RN is unable to start an IV, the rapid response team is called.
Group 2:
Irene James has been a patient on the orthopedic unit for three (3) days after a fall at home that resulted in a fractured humerus. Her arm is immobilized and in a sling. Irene states, “The pain pill works well, I am comfortable most of the time. I do feel a little unsteady on my feet. The doctor said my blood pressure was still a little low.” The RN is reviewing discharge medications with Irene and her daughter when her daughter states, “This dose of the blood pressure medicine is double what Mom was on at home. She broke her arm when she fainted from too much medicine and not enough fluid. The physician who saw her yesterday told me the dose needed to be cut in half.” The RN reviews Irene’s vital signs and calls the physician to clarify the order.
Initial Post:
Review the article Critical thinking at the bedside: Providing safe passage to patients (Robert & Petersen, 2013).
Determine if the process of critical thinking was used in the case you were assigned. If yes, give at least two (2) examples of its use. If no, explain why not and give at least two (2) examples of how critical thinking should have been used to provide more effective patient care.
Base your initial post on your readings and research of this topic.

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