Matthew Sweet


Matthew Sweet took center stage in September at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Once inside, another long wait until an unknown band named Three Pound Thrill rocked us with tunes like “Collide” and ATunnel.”

Then, Sweet made his long-awaited appearance. The crowd was anticipating his first song which turned out to be a not-so-well-known title from the “No Alternative” CD, called “Superdeformed.” During the third song, the crowd really got into it and started a mosh pit. He then mellowed us out with a slower tune called “Come To Love.” After the crowd was almost silent and had stopped moving, he livened us up with some fast cuts off his second album titled “Girlfriend,” songs like “I’ve Been Waiting,” “Divine Intervention,” and, “Girlfriend.” Nearing the end of the concert, Sweet left us with only the roar of his last chord in our heads. After ten minutes, the crowd became restless and began to chant “Sweet, Sweet, Sweet …” Matthew Sweet then walked back onto the stage and played “Sick of Myself,” “We’re the Same,” “Smog Moon,” and “Not When I Need it,” which are all songs from his latest CD called “100 % Fun.

When I bought the tickets at Strawberries I wasn’t a big Matthew Sweet fan. But now I would definitely spend $14.50 to see another Matthew Sweet show. The band has been around for a long time and they really know how to rock and roll. Plus, they sound great in concert. They play all their songs the way they were originally recorded. If Matthew Sweet comes to your town and you like loud music, I would suggest going

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