Mass incarceration and police violence against Native Americans


Topic: mass incarceration and police violence against Native Americans (example: Paul Castaway (Rosebud Sioux, shot and killed by police in Denver) Central Purpose: Are the reasons for your writing clear? Does your essay fully respond to the prompt? Does your introduction clearly convey the main ideas of your paper? Organization: Can your reader easily follow and understand your paper from beginning to end? Does the division into paragraphs make sense? Are your paragraphs connected to each other in a logical way? Do they all contribute to the main point of the essay? Details: Do you offer your readers sufficient details and examples that are both relevant and effective in developing and supporting the paper’s central purpose? Textual Analysis/Close Reading: Do you do something with the evidence you provide? Do you explain how you read it (which will differ from how others read it), and then connect your reading or analysis of the evidence to the argument of your paper? Do you pay attention to the writers’ use of language, to patterns, and/or to stylistic/formal features of the texts? Stakes: The “stakes” of an essay are its claim(s) for significance. By the end of your body paragraphs, you will have (hopefully) clearly conveyed your argument about a literary text or set of texts and your supporting analysis to readers. In the conclusion, you should focus on stakes—that is, why readers should care about the argument of your essay. Presentation: Is your paper well-edited and spell-checked? Have you reviewed your verb tense/agreement, punctuation, and other grammatical elements? Have you followed all guidelines pertaining to formatting, citation standards, and other rules of appearance?

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