Living for the Spolight


The stage is my home. Under the warmth of the lights and fit tight underneath the layers of my costume, I feel true happiness. Although I am certain that acting is my calling now, it wouldn’t have been without the guidance of my first director, Mrs. Meek, that I heard that call.

Mrs. Meek discovered my natural talent on stage long before I ever thought it fun to be on it. Casually, she pitched the idea of me auditioning in her upcoming musical. I was, well, confused, to say the least. For the remainder of the day I pondered what such a great director would want with me, a pitifully scrawny freshman who had no stage experience besides the annual Christmas pageant at my church. Aside from that, I had to worry about my athletics. The thought of telling my father that I wanted to quit playing ball to be in some fall musical was gut wrenching.

So I indefinitely decided to tell Mrs. Meek I couldn’t do it.

Later that day, before I headed out to practice, I went in to break the news to Mrs. Meek, “I really wish I could try out for this show, but I can’t quit sports, they are too important to my family and-“, she interrupted me. “You can’t live your life to please other people. If you decide to, you may find joy in making them proud of you, but if you live for yourself then you will find happiness in making yourself proud.” So I auditioned, how could in say no to such a well put guilt trip? I still remember coming off the stage, two and a half months after, what seemed to be such an insignificant day. I remember it, because it was in that moment that I realized that I wanted to be on stage for the rest of my life. Now I know that it was my calling I heard that night, but I also know that without Mrs. Meek, I would have never found that passion I had for the stage. For her, and her guidance in my life that has led me to my happiness, I am forever thankful.

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