Follow these guidelines when reviewing the selected movie. The objective of this assignment is to analyze the negotiating techniques and strategies that evolve in the movie and to write your Negotiating Movie Critique. You will want to look for key negotiating events and the key elements of the events that made it successful or not i.e. Strategy Types Planning Ethical issues Tactics Emotions Power Perceptions Relationships Multiple Parties Cross Cultural impacts Communication Trust NOTE ***Each of your findings will be referenced and supported by Essentials of Negotiation course book*** Please be sure to properly cite using APA format and include chapter and page numbers with your supporting statements. Ø Paragraph 1: Offer your overall impression of the film while mentioning the movie’s title, director and key actors. Ø Paragraph 2: Briefly summarize the plot of the film. Ø Paragraph 3: Utilizing the Personal Approach Reflective Case Study Model (we are replacing the case study & research paper with the movie Remember the Titans) on page 8 of your syllabus. You will select a minimum of 8 events from the film to summarize, substantiate and provide your personal reflection on. Please see note above. Ø Paragraph 4: Provide a closing summary of your overall review and reflection of the assignment and the movie. You will utilize APA format when citing (to include page number) and include a bibliography page. They will be double spaced, error free, grammatically correct and utilize 12 point Times New Roman Font with 1 inch margins.

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