It Has Been Postulated That Clinical Informatics And Bioinformatics Are Working On The Same Problems, But In Some Areas, One Field Has Made More Progress Than The Other. Identify Three Common Themes. Describe How The Issues Are Approached By Each Sub-Disc

It has been postulated that clinical informatics and bioinformatics are working on the same problems, but in some areas, one field has made more progress than the other. Identify three common themes. Describe how the issues are approached by each sub-discipline.
Why should an awareness of bioinformatics be expected of clinical informatics professionals? Should a chapter on bioinformatics appear in a clinical informatics textbook? Explain your answers.
One major problem with introducing computers into clinical medicine is the extreme time and resource pressure placed on physicians and other health care workers. Will the same problems arise in basic biomedical research?
Why have biologists and bioinformaticians embraced the Web as a vehicle for disseminating data so quickly, whereas clinicians and clinical informaticians have been more hesitant to put their primary data online?

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