HRM0122E07Recruitment and SelectionASSIGNMENT2Job Description Essay


HRM-0122-E07-Recruitment and Selection


Job Description Development


Dr. Sukhwinder Bedi BAJ SINGH

DATE: – January 25, 2019 (7869119)

Job Title: – Engineering

Position Summary: – Mechanical Engineer

I would like to hold this position in future because I have done Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. So I have big interest in this field. I took part in many technical projects and have done them successfully. Therefore, I have technical skills so I believe that in future at this position I can perform better and flourish my skills.

Basically, mechanical engineers make the duties of the evaluation, installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems. They design, build test and modify the mechanical devices like tools, engines and machines. Mechanical engineers also create and test prototypes of machines and equipment and oversee the installation of machinery and resolve problems once the systems are up and running.

Responsibilities and Duties:-

• Makes investigation of mechanical failures and unexpected maintenance tribulations.

• Makes planning and management of the projects, and collect the raw material.

Also look for the cost and timings and makes the reports and design specifications of the machinery.

• Analyzed dynamic systems and vibrations of the mechanical systems.

• Develop mechanical standards, schedules and programs. Also, gives guidance to the workers who are worked at the working sites.

• Supervise the technicians, technologists and other engineers. Also, review the calculations cost estimates and designs.

• Able to educate the customers at the worksites and do the maintenance and operating procedures.

• Complete service records and maintain the technical records.

• Ready to provide the sales support with engineering customization and layouts.


• Needs bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

• Get master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

• Knowledge of Auto CAD, Pro Engineer and 3D printing systems.

• Proficiency of English language.

• Comfortable to work in any environment.

• Capability of thinking innovative that makes company more productive.

• Ability to do the multiple tasks at the same time.

• Require supervisory positions to get this position.

• Computer programming is needed and also candidates should have covered the fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and hydraulics.

• Knowledge to use up-to-date tools including computational design and simulation.

• Seek organizational certification like ASME, Association of Facilities Engineering, and National Fire Prevention Association.

• Work under a licensed professional engineer.

• Successfully completed Internal and external training with technical projects.

• Understanding of natural laws.

• Listening skills, Math skills and Problem-Solving skills should be needed.

Working Conditions: –

• Superior level of social interaction. They interact with many customers in daily basis.

• Safe equipment used by them and always look for health and safety concerns.

• Analyze the work and efficiency of the workers.

• Oral and tele-communication with phones, wireless and letters.

• Indoor and outdoor working conditions.

• Take precautions from dangerous things and keep their self-safe with hard-hats, gloves, glasses, and jackets.

• During work make the perfections and focus on errors.

• Some places could be more noisy and disturbing.

• Make the rough schedule before come at the workplace.

• Meet the deadlines within restricted time period.

• Sometimes with temperature material could be changed their properties.

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