How Were Women Treated In Julius Caesars


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Essay: How Were Women Treated in Julius Caesar & # 8217 ; s Time?

By: Andrew MillardWe are ever endeavoring for equality between the sexes. For many old ages adult females were seen as being less than work forces, and inferior to them. This is shown merely by one history-altering incident. The incident that I & # 8217 ; m mentioning to is when the adult females were eventually allowed to vote. It was rather a long clip after the work forces were able to vote that they received the right to make so every bit good. It is besides shown on older telecasting shows in which the female parent of the house is normally at place ready to do the following repast for her household. An illustration of this would be & # 8220 ; Little house on the Prairie & # 8221 ; . This subject is a really problematic one, and it is what I intend to discourse in this essay.

I am besides traveling to compare the adult females & # 8217 ; s function so, to the function of adult females in society these yearss every bit good as the function adult females play in Julius Caesar & # 8217 ; s clip and compare that with how they were truly treated in Rome at that point in history.

In Julius Caesar, adult females are portrayed as less than peers. This is shown by how in the full film, you ne’er saw a adult female contending with, or against the work forces. Neither were adult females shown really frequently in scenes out in the metropolis. Furthermore, work forces ever presented what adult females had seen in their dreams and visions. The adult females that had one of these & # 8220 ; disclosures & # 8221 ; ne’er presented what she had seen by herself. This to me sugges

T that in the clip frame of Julius Caesar, adult females were still treated as though they should be at place looking after the kids and cleaning the house. Compared to today, that portraiture is wholly different. Today many work forces and adult females believe that we are peers, and that adult females can make merely every bit much as work forces in this ( as of now ) male dominated universe. Harmonizing to the Roman research that I have done, this is so the right portraiture of adult females in the clip frame that Julius Caesar took topographic point.

In all of Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s dramas, adult females were ne’er allowed to move. Whenever there was a adult females & # 8217 ; s portion to be played in one of his dramas, it would ever be played by a adult male. This can besides acquire rather confounding. The best illustration is in & # 8220 ; The Merchant of Venice & # 8221 ; in which a adult male plays the function of a adult female who is feigning to be a adult male! It would be ( in my sentiment ) much easier to allow a adult females play the portion. After all, some of the best performing artists and entertainers in our modern universe are adult females.

Well as you can see, adult females were non treated the same manner as work forces in the clip of Julius Caesar, and I do believe that Shakespeare portrayed them efficaciously and merely as they should hold been portrayed.

I personally believe that work forces and adult females have particular single functions that are every bit of import in life. Besides, we have come a long, long manner in the whole country of equality, and I believe we will come that much farther in the hereafter.

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