How to write a thesis statement


How to write a thesis statement

A thesis
statement is a sentence that declares the writer’s point of view on a topic. It
is the main idea. It plays a critical role in an essay as it guides the readers
and depicts the main argument. There are two types of thesis statements, informative
and persuasive. Several rules apply when writing a thesis statement.

Be specific

thesis statements are vague and unfocused. For example, the sale of junk foods
leads to obesity in society. A thesis statement should be clear and direct to
the point. For example, the sale of junk foods in school canteens leads to obesity
among children.

Be original

A good
thesis statement should be original. Stating what the readers already know makes
your work appear flat. Produce new ideas, opinions, and thoughts. Originality
makes the thesis statement insightful and memorable.  

Position it in the introduction

A good
thesis statement should appear in the introduction. In longer essays, it can either
appear in the second or the third paragraph. The length of a thesis statement
varies depending on the number of points included. It should be between 30 to
40 words or two to three sentences.

Base it on a strong argument

Base your
thesis statement on a strong argument about the topic. The thesis statement
summarizes the entire essay. Develop it from the onset to the end. As you write,
more ideas will crop up. Use them to shape up your thesis statement.

Choose the right words

When writing
your thesis statement choose words wisely. Avoid using technical language and
jargon. Unless you are sure that the readers are conversant with them. Also,
avoid active verbs and abstract words. For instance, instead of writing the
word values, narrow down to the specific values such as honesty and respect.

The thesis statements
play a vital role in essays. They depict the point of your essay and highlight
what you are going to accomplish. Without them, the essay will be unfocused
with no particular direction and guide for readers. Whether you are writing a
thesis statement for an essay, article or debate speech makes it strong, clear
and original. Choose the right words and position it at the beginning of your

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