How to post and respond in a discussion board


How to post and respond in a discussion board
A discussion board is a platform whereby an instructor and students taking a particular course, discuss course content. Before posting or responding to a post. It is important to read the instructions and ask questions in case you need clarification. When posting content ensure it is relevant to the course and use good grammar. Proofread and review to check whether there are any errors and do not use caps to stress your point.
When responding on a thread. Make a meaningful conversation. Ensure the point you are about to make is adding to the previous conversation. In cases where you are opposing a point do not emotionally appeal or attack the person, respectfully disagree. There are three ways to respond to a conversation. Disagreeing, agreeing and adding to a point, and agreeing with some parts of a post.
Do not procrastinate to send a post or a response. Strongly defend your points and use content from books and journals to support your evidence, it will earn you more points. Before posting a comment read it from a friend’s perspective to avoid offending anyone. Do not use language and a tone that discriminates against some people based on their race or religion, or comments that might provoke ethnic animosity.

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