How to Conduct Clinical Inquiry in Nursing


How to Conduct Clinical Inquiry in Nursing
One of the key skills that nursing students are expected to gain is research skills. This is because all nurses are expected to continue with the learning process long after they have graduated. In other words, there is a lot to be learnt about providing quality care to the patients as well as to their families. This is precisely the main reason why nursing students are expected to have a good understanding of the whole process of clinical inquiry. Before you begin this process it is important to note that you should aim at achieving either or both of these two goals. The first goal is to improve the quality of care offered to patients and their families. The second goal is come up with research findings that will lead to evidence based nursing practice. The point here is that a clinical inquiry is not conducted just for the sake of doing it.
The first step of conducting a clinical inquiry should be to identify a problem. The problem should come from an area that you are familiar with. This could be from an area that you worked in during your internship or that you are currently working on a nurse. When identifying such an area you should be clear about the population or the patients that your inquiry will focus on. Once you have identified a problem, you can now go a step further and assess the intervention that you believe is not working as it should be. In other words, you are expected to be familiar with various strategies that have been put in place to come with the identified nursing problem. After that you are expected to compare the identified intervention with an alternative one. This is to say that you are expected to come up with an alternative solution to solving specific problem under study.
Finally, you are supposed to review the outcomes of your proposed alternative intervention. You should be sure to discuss both the intended and unintended results of your proposed intervention program. It is worth to note that a clinical inquiry you will need to collect and analyze both primary and secondary sources of information. In order to collected primary data, you are supposed to use instruments such as: questionnaires, interview schedules and interview guides among others. If you are finding it challenging to conduct a clinical inquiry in nursing then you should consider contacting us today. We assure you that you shall in no doubt be impressed by our help.

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