How Should Today’s Youth Combat Negative Moral Issues?


Today’s youth should combat negative moral issues by taking pride in who they are, not compromising their beliefs and values, and making a conscious decision to be a positive influence.

Today’s youth are most negatively affected by drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, peer pressure, bullying, and trying to imitate airbrushed images from the media of what’s cool and trending. They lose their identity failing to realize they just need to be themselves. As a young adult I believe we should never let anyone change our morals, character, or beliefs to coincide with theirs. It’s always good to think before you act because the consequences of making a bad decision could affect your ability to finish school, attend college, future employment and or your freedom.

I believe every child has a dream to be somebody one day. I just think they lose sight of the dream when they feel they don’t fit in with the “popular” crowd and their focus is no longer their dream but becomes emulating someone else’s image.

Youth need to be strong and confident enough in their belief to say no or walk away from a situation that they find uncomfortable. There’s an old saying “If you lie down with dogs you’ll get up with fleas” meaning choose your friends and associates carefully and surround yourself with those who respect you and themselves.

Teenagers should have mentors for guidance inspiration and encouragement. The reality for most youth from low socioeconomic backgrounds is it’s hard to keep doing right when everyone around you is doing wrong. If more youth had mentors who were committed to going the distance with them and keeping them on track, more would graduate, attend college and not end up in jail, dead, pregnant, or as drop outs.

Youth could benefit by engaging in positive activities such as participating in extracurricular activities, employment, sports, or just volunteer in the community or church. More importantly youth can avoid falling prey to negative moral issues by respecting their elders and gleaning from their mistakes and life lessons instead of acting like they know everything. This is where many teens fall short as they get older and they push aside the moral foundation their parents instilled in them. Actually, as we get older we should hold fast to the life lessons and wisdom our parents have shared with us.

Today’s society provides many opportunities for youth to engage in morally inappropriate behavior. The negative influences of social media, the internet, television, sexually explicit music and videos, poverty, uncertainty about their future are very real challenges for today’s youth. I’ve been exposed to it and I may have even fallen short at times but my faith keeps me grounded and hopeful. I have determined within myself that I will be an agent of change in my community, my home and among my peers.

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