How does the media impact our lives?


How does the media impact our lives? Your goal in this paper is to analyze one theme or through-line that we have focused on over the course of this semester. What that means in practice is that you will center your analysis on a body of work we have considered thus far in the semester in its totality (at least as far as the class allows), working through different perspectives and applying them to historical or contemporary events or media in order to address the breadth of that particular unit. The unit or weekly headers on the syllabus provide a means of differentiating between some of these conceptual themes, although it is by no means a perfect way to group ideas. Different themes would include, for example: journalism and ethics, mass communication and new and/or old media, social justice and the role of communication (considered broadly) as a techno-cultural mediator, etc. This list is by no means exhaustive Readings we have focus on: EFFECTS,WHAT EFFECTS? POWER AND INFLUENCE OF THE MEDIA by KEVIN WILLIAMS Communication ETHICS BY DONALD K. WRIGHT

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