Healthcare Policy


Healthcare Policy
A pre-existing condition is an illness or injury that was discovered before an individual obtains coverage. And in this case, there are no preexisting condition exclusions. This is because, following the implementation of the Obama-care program, the children under the age of 19 received a full health cover (Jan, 2013). Children can no longer be denied the benefits of being covered because of a preexisting condition. If the child had the conditions before the date of the new health started, the child is entirely entailed to cover benefits. The health care law offers protection rights. You may ask, how does the health care law protect your child who is under the age of 19? First, they make sure that the insurance organizations covers preexisting health conditions. Secondly, they hold the organizations accountable for the rate increase. Thirdly, they also protect the doctors you choose. Last but not least they help you understand the insurance coverage you’re getting. Besides, the government issued regulations prohibiting insurers from excluding children under 19 from coverage because of preexisting conditions (Parks, 2012).
The Affordable Care Act, also recognized as ObamaCare, eliminates health insurers’’ the ability only to choose the healthiest risks by bearing various types of discriminatory practices including, among others, rescissions of coverage, discrimination based on health status and application of preexisting condition exclusions(Hall and Rosenbaum, 2012). Every child has a right to the benefits of the coverage whether your child was covered under a different plan or was not covered at all.
Though the insurance companies would not refuse to cover a child, grandfathered individual health insurance do not have to cover for pre-existing conditions. This is because, for your child to be covered, you must buy the cover yourself and not your employer buying it for you. The regulations applied to grandfathered group health plans and insurance only covers individuals who are of U.S citizenship or are legal residents and have pre-existing conditions are eligible. Also, group health plans or health coverage are prohibited from the preexisting condition exclusions and only extends protection to individuals health insurance coverage. To add to this, adopted children may not inflict preexisting exclusion because they are covered under creditable cover which does not apply to coverage.

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