Health Care System Comparison Paper Instructions You Will Write A Research Paper, A Minimum Ten (10) Pages (References Excluded) Comparing The Health Care System Of The United States With Another Country. You Should Do Research On The Country You Plan To

Health Care System Comparison Paper Instructions
You will write a research paper, a minimum ten (10) pages (references excluded) comparing the health care system of the United States with another country. You should do research on the country you plan to use for the paper to ensure that there is enough information to do a complete comparison.
Your comparison paper should have the following sections, all formatted according to current APA format. A minimum of eight (8) scholarly references are required. This would include journals, peer-reviewed articles, books, professional publications, dissertations, etc. (Note: It does not include websites, blogs, or internet sources)
Your Comparison Paper should include these sections in this order:
Title Page
References (the works cited in your paper)

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