GVPT 170 FINALS! HELP PLEASE! ASAP! WANT IT IN NEXT 5H. THANK YOU!) Directions: You should expect to spend 110-125 minutes on this Final exam.


Directions: You should expect to spend 110-125 minutes on this Final exam. Unless the directions for the specific questions say otherwise, respond to all parts of all questions. It is suggested that you take a few minutes to plan and outline each answer. In your response you should use specific example where appropriate. This exam is closed book and closed note. 

You should type your answers into a separate document and submit that document into the assignment drop box. Each question is worth 10 points, for a total of 50 points on this exam. Good luck!

1.    Political parties seek to win elections to control the government.

a.    Identify two activities that parties do to win elections

b.    Describe one way third parties affect elections

c.    Explain how single-member districts make it difficult for third parties to win elections

d.    Explain how electoral competition is affected by gerrymandering

2.    Public opinion polls are commonly used by politicians and the media

a.    Identify two characteristics of a reliable scientific public opinion poll

b.    Describe two ways that polling results are used by politicians

c.    Explain how frequent public opinion polls impact media coverage of political campaigns

3.    The United States Constitution gave Congress and the president specific legislative powers. As a result, the interactions between the two are dynamic and complex.

a.    Describe the constitutional principle of checks and balances.

b.    Describe EACH of the following presidential powers in the legislative process:

        i.    Veto

        ii.    State of the Union address

c.    Explain two ways how Congress can reduce the likelihood of a presidential election

4.    In a democracy, what the majority wants should influence public policy. The opinion of the majority is sometimes, but not always, reflected in policy changes.

a.    Explain how interest groups reduce the influence of public opinion on policy.

b.    Explain how EACH of the following increases the likelihood of policy changes.

       i.    Newly elected president

       ii.    National crisis

c.    Describe the role of EACH Of the following institutions in the policy process

       i.    The courts

       ii.    The media

5.    The balance of power between the United State national government and state governments is governed by the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings

a.    Describe EACH of the following constitutional provisions

       i.    Supremacy Clause

        ii.    Tenth Amendment

b.    Explain how one of the following court rulings changed the balance of power between federal and state governments

        i.    United States v Lopez

          ii.    Obergefell v Hodges