Global health promotion

Ask one question from your readings.

The critical thinking question must be thoughtful, in depth, and based on information gathered from the readings. It should be clear that you have read the readings and thought about them. These questions are your own questions that you thought about during the readings (e.g. This week we read about poor access to water.)

· There are various solutions through boreholes, water kiosks, and rock catchments, but what, in your opinion, do you think is the best solution?

· How do we make these projects sustainable? Lastly, is there a specific region you would focus on?

Part 2:

Answer at least one question in Question 1; however, please respond to as many posts as you can! Let’s get a good discussion going!

Discussion 2

What measures can families take, even in the absence of additional income or health services, to keep their children healthy?

Discussion 3

1. What are the most important causes of child death globally?

2. Which do YOU think is the absolute most important and why?

3. How would you go about solving this issue on a large-scale?

4. Whom would you work with to solve this problem?