‘Give an account of how disadvantaged groups in contemporary Britain experience inequality’


Social care. Assignment Question

‘Give an account of how disadvantaged groups in contemporary Britain experience inequality’

Assignment Guidance

Please ensure you follow the assignment guidance and seek tutorial support to ensure you are on the right track.
A introduction
1. You must refer to the literature/theories when presenting your work. This is an academic assignment, not a personal reflection of what you may ‘think’ about this subject area. Reading academic text books and articles is key to achieving success in this assessment.

2. The assignment must draw on Thompson’s PCS analysis and make reference to each of the separate, but interrelated levels: personal, cultural and structural. You may wish to structure your assignment in this way.

3. You must include examples of social policy and the implications for disadvantaged groups. Lecture materials and further reading will provide you with a number of different examples to include in your assignment.

4. When deciding which disadvantaged group to talk about in your essay please refer to the protected characteristics detailed in the Equality Act 2010. Students should refer to the protected characteristics contained in the Equality Act when deciding what group to talk about. Remain focused on one aspect of the protected characteristics e.g race or age or gender etc – for example so you may want to talk about Gypsy and Travellers for the race, or maybe women for the gender, or maybe transgender people, you may wish to talk about older people for age or maybe young adults (youths), or you may wish to focus on people with disabilities, or you may wish to focus on how gay people are discriminate against in relation to sexuality. These are ideas and suggestions. You can chose any one of the protected characteristics and discuss how people are discriminated against on a personal, cultural and structural level in society.

5. Your assignment should include an introduction and a conclusion

6. Your assignment must be referenced throughout in the Harvard referencing format. Assignments that are presented without referencing in the main body of the work (or very limited referencing) are unlikely to achieve success in this assessment.

7. Your reference list must contain academic sources of information that have been taken from academic text books, articles or journals. Websites should be used sparingly. Newspaper articles and media reports should not be used in this work unless you are making a specific point. Remember this is an academic piece of work and therefore academic sources must be the main sources detailed in the reference list. Newspapers and websites are sometimes used in academic work to make a specific point, for example to demonstrate how the media refer to individuals or groups in derogatory ways I.e. Weston, Worle and Somerset Mercury newspaper headline triggers a police investigation due to concerns it would incite racial hatred “Gypsy camps right next door to new homes”. Assignments may use examples like this when talking about stigma for example, but there would need to be academic information discussing this point further.

8. Assessments that contain reference lists taken largely from websites are unlikely to be successful.

9. Please ensure you refer to the University Performance Descriptors when editing your work to ensure your work is reaching for the highest grade possible. Beacuse I want talk about mental so And also start off by saying what mental health is and then list a few different types. ( depression, schizophrenia, bipolar etc.)Than after that you can start saying something like “ individuals with mental health issues are more likely to be portrayed as disadvantaged and socially excluded in community”Than you can get something to back the it up, like a quote that proves how many people are suffering with mental health today please I want high Grade!!

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