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Ghashiram Kotwal is a Marathi drama written by dramatist Vijay Tendulkar in 1972 as a response to the rise of a local political party. Shiv Sena. in Maharashta. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] The drama is a political sarcasm. written as historical play. Based on the life of Nana Phadnavis ( 1741–1800 ) . one of the outstanding curates in the tribunal of the Peshwa of Pune. Its subject is how work forces in power give rise to political orientations to function their intents. and subsequently destruct them when they become useless. It was foremost performed on 16 December 1972. by the Progressive Drama Association. Pune.

The drama begins with an supplication to lord Ganesha. Then the Brahmins of Pune introduce themselves and we can see the morally corrupt province of personal businesss in Pune. Nana Phadnavis who is the Diwan ( Chief Secretary ) of Pune is besides corrupt and visits the lavani terpsichorean. Ghashiram is working with the lavani terpsichorean. Ghashiram being a Brahmin goes to roll up alms at the Peshwa’s festival the following twenty-four hours.

However he is abused at that place and is charged with pick-pocketing and imprisoned for the offense. He so decides to take retaliation. Ghashiram barters his ain girl to acquire the station of Kotwal ( police head ) of Pune from Nana. Having got the station he begins to implement rigorous regulations in the metropolis. He starts inquiring for licenses for everything and starts throwing people in gaol for the smallest offenses. In the average clip. Ghashiram’s girl is impregnated by Nana. and dies during childbearing. The state of affairs goes out of manus when a few people in the gaol die out of asphyxiation. The Brahmins so complain to the Peshwa. The Peshwa biddings Nana who orders Ghashiram to be killed in the most derogative manner possible.

Vijay Dhondo Tendulkar was an high Marathi dramatist. screenplay author and a journalist. He began composing in the 1950ss but his signature manner began to develop clearly with his association with the experimental theater motion which was a beginning of modernism in Marathi literature. His dramas like ‘Maanus Navache Bet’ . ’Shantata tribunal chalu ahe’ and ‘Kavlyanchi Shala’ gained him celebrity. But the drama that brought him the much awaited awards was Ghashiram Kotwal. Ghashiram Kotwal a drama by Tendulkar showcased the corruptness in the society during the Peshwa regime. His character of Ghashiram is a word picture of the working category in Pune and how the Brahmin domination prevalent so lead to the subjugation of the lower categories. Tendulkar has subtly shown what power does to work forces and how they become cold and avaricious merely to accomplish that. The drama so made into a book has a historic context. The thought that most strikes the audience is Tendulkar’s ethical concern which is rather outstanding throughout the book-from his apprehension of relationships to efficaciously covering with the societal immoralities of those times that keeps us involved in the characters is their simpleness and realistic perceptual experience on the portion of the author.

All the characters seem so much like the people we see or run into or hold met sometime. Besides Tendulkar is non a author who is struck with the Bharatmata Syndrome and explains the acrimonious world of the Indian society without glazing anything. The narrative begins with Ghashiram a Kanauji Brahmin coming to the metropolis of Pune to seek his fortune and derive some money from the so rich metropolis. His first visual aspect is in Bavankhanni a ruddy light country in Pune where he is dancing as a foil to Gulabi a lavani terpsichorean. Beginnning as gulabi’s retainer he graduates to going the retainer of Nana Phadavnis the adversary who is the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the Peshwa. Initially. Ghashiram is portrayed as an obedient retainer to Nana but as clip goes by due to the ailment intervention he gets from Nana and the Brahmins in Pune he becomes power hungry. To the extent of giving his adolescent girl Lalitagouri to the old Nana merely to acquire the respectable station of the Kotwal. Ghashiram who is oppressed ab initio now becomes the oppressor as power evokes a sense of laterality in him. Tendulkar cleverly portrays the societal immoralities in the society during the Peshwa regulation.

Prostitution. corruptness. the power construction and the ignorance on the portion of people is rather apparent from an incidence when the full Pune Brahmins visit Bavankhanni while their married womans stay home waiting for the hubbies. What is different is Tendulkar’s manner of explicating the narrative efficaciously through the Sutradhar or the storyteller and the assorted characters and their changing relationships. What happens to Ghashiram in the terminal comes as a entire daze to the readers. All in all Ghashiram Kotwal is a dateless piece of composing. The issues that are chiefly dealt with in the book still remain the same even after so many old ages.

Womans still continue to be the ruled 1s and the caste struggle has now become the category struggle where the rich dominate the hapless and the rhythm continues. It highlights the rough world that even when times change human nature remains the same. Greed and lecherousness for money were. are and will ever be in human nature… In 1972. Tendulkar wrote another. even much more acclaimed drama. Ghashiram Kotwal ( “Officer Ghashiram” ) . which dealt with political force. The drama is a political sarcasm created as a musical play set in eighteenth century Pune. It combined traditional Marathi common people music and play with modern-day theatre techniques. making a new paradigm for Marathi theatre. With over six 1000 public presentations therefore far in its original and translated versions. “Ghashiram Kotwal” remains one of the longest-running dramas in the history of Indian theatre

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