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The Get Weird album by Little Mix is one of my favorite album since they’ve released it in 2015. Little Mix originated from England. This girl group was first appeared in the British version of the X Factor back in 2011.

Which the girls won first place and became the first group to ever win X Factor. The group members are Jade Thirwall, Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock. Similar artists to Little Mix are One Direction, Fifth Harmony, G.R.L, etc. All three albums from Little Mix I recommend you should listen, DNA, Salute, and Get Weird.

Get Weird was never thought of based off of what the group has said. One of the members, said that they had another album written before Get Weird. But sadly, that album didn’t get released because they claim that the album does not sound like them. One song on that album, Pretty Girls, was written by the girls and others but the song didn’t suit them.

They gave the song away to Pop Princess, Brittany Spears. Little Mix at this time was touring here in the United States for their Salute tour, but they cancelled the tour do to their album not sounding the way they wanted it to.

Get Weird sounds completely different from their past albums, Salute and DNA, this album sounds mature but also having that groove you love listening to. Or the ballads that makes you want to crawl into a ball and just cry. One song particularly, Secret Love Song, is about how you love someone but you have to keep your relationship in private and that is killing them in the inside. This song reaches out mostly to the LGBT community. Another ballad song, The End, is about after a relationship, you accepted that it was the end. The one song that became popular in the US was the song Black Magic, which was number one in the iTunes chart. This song is completely different from the title, Jesy says that the song is about being confident with yourself. Plus, the music video of this song is like a mini series. The second song that was released after was Love Me Like You, and this song is one my favorite. I love how both songs’ music video ties in with each other perfectly. Lastly, the third song released off of the album was Hair. Hair is about how changing your hairstyle after a break up, is the best feeling ever. A line in the song, “And when you see him in the club, just flip your hair, don’t show him any love, ‘cause you’ve had enough” is my favorite line and makes me feel in-powered and happy that I him out of my hair. But this version of Hair was completely different from the album. The single had Sean Paul featuring, but at first I was kinda skeptical about it and sorta didn’t like it at first. But turns out after listening to it, I fell in love with this version.
Weird People is my absolute favorite along with Grown. Weird People is about how it’s okay to be weird and not to let other people judge you from letting you be yourself. But Grown is about how you were into this person but they never liked you back. Then randomly start to like you but want nothing to do with them because as the song says “Don’t you know that I can hold my own, boy missed the boat. Can’t get with me now I’m Grown.” There was one song off this album I particularly did not like at all was Lightning. Which is like the part 3 to the song DNA. I didn’t like the beat to the song had, but after frequently listening to the song I ended up loving the song. The songs O.M.G., Clued Up, and The Beginning I feel iffy on how they are in the album. Those three songs are the only songs I skip whiling listening to the album. A.D.I.D.A.S. is a very very naughty song. Which made me giggle the first time I heard it and I enjoy songs that gives a positive feeling. Like knowing this song is the kind of song that you can joke around with.

I recommend everyone to listen to this album and their upcoming album Glory Days because theses girls are very talented. Words cannot describe how I feel about this album. To anyone who has an interest towards pop music or anything really might enjoy listening to them. Because the group members have different taste of music which makes their previous albums distinct to one another. You rarely hear an album from an artist that is distinct to their previous album in my opinion.

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