FINREP P21061 Coursework 2


FINREP P21061 Coursework 2 – 20% 2018/19 Unit Coordinator: Amy Davidson Financial Reporting Coursework Coursework 2,

20% (Coursework 1 being seminar attendance and preparation): Your seminar tutor will select groups of students (ideally of 4, if not, 3).

You are required to select two companies operating in the same sector and download their latest (year ending in 2018 or late 2017) annual reports. You MUST NOT select Superdry Group plc, nor a company from the financial services sector. The financial statements must be prepared using International Financial Reporting Standards – you will be able to see this from reading the notes to the accounts. Required: A report (one per group) which comparatively analyses the profitability, efficiency, liquidity, solvency and growth of the two selected companies. Your analysis should include ratio analysis, but you should also make use of other information available in the annual report such as narrative reports. The ratios on which your report is based should be included as an appendix. All groups must submit additional information by each individual on how the group worked together (3%) – see below. NB a copy of the income statement/statement of comprehensive income and statement of financial position (balance sheet) of the chosen companies should be attached to the work. Those used should be the consolidated (or group) financial statements, where applicable. References should follow the APA 6 th edition referencing system. Word count: The group report should not exceed 2,000 words. Those groups who exceed this limit will be penalised. Additional requirement worth 3 percentage points out of the overall 20% mark. EACH student must submit a personal reflective report of not more than one page covering: Who was in the group (just give their initials)? How did the group maintain contact and arrange meetings? How did the group share out work? What was done by whom? What was done jointly? How did the group review, evaluate and act on the work done? How did the group provide feedback, constructive criticism, assistance and support? If you had the chance again to work in the group, what would you do differently?

PLEASE SUBMIT: – YOUR FINAL REPORT ELECTRONICALLY TO TURNITIN – ONE PER GROUP – INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL REFELCTIVE REPORT TO TURNITIN – ONE PER STUDENT (Please note after submission, reports can only be seen by the teaching team and the individual that submitted the file)

Due date for submission: 23:55pm, Friday 14 th December 2018 Where work is submitted late or if plagiarism is identified, penalties will be issued to those individuals/ groups concerned. (PTO.) FINREP P21061 Coursework 2 – 20% 2018/19 Unit Coordinator: Amy Davidson Reference sources – Remember to reference all sources (please refer to Company annual reports are obtainable for free directly from your chosen companies and you should be able to get these from the company’s own website. You will need to use the ‘investor relations’, ‘corporate information’ and/or ‘Financials’ pages which will contain the most recent annual report and accounts. These are best viewed in PDF format, as you can then use the ‘find’ command to search your way around the accounts. The company’s financial statements should not be your only reference source. There are many resources available in the library which will give you industry wide information and statistics. We suggest you go on to the Library catalogue and search for ‘IBISworld’, “Statista” or “Morningstar” as a starting point. Guidance Guidance on working in groups, essay writing, referencing and other academic skills can be accessed from the university’s website and searching under ‘ASK’ (Academic Skills) Additional guidance for this assignment is on the Moodle site in relation to structuring your work and submitting assignments to TurnItIn. Guidance is also available on the PBS study support Moodle site – Notes on Group Work – NB the following notes are for your own benefit and are not to be submitted with your coursework. Having first established the membership of your group, you then need to consider the following: – Role(s) and responsibility of group members – Scheduling group meetings – Groups should arrange to meet on a regular basis. At each meeting, one member of the group should be appointed to record the group work: 1 Date, time and location of meeting. 2 Student numbers of those attending and apologies for non-attendance. 3 Brief details of the work done and / or topics discussed. 4 Where appropriate, a review of the work done to date, or since the last meeting, including: Whether or not the work is progressing according to schedule (or plan). How the work relates to other work done. What further work needs to be done, and by whom. Any feedback and / or constructive criticism given. 5 Where appropriate, details of any plans made or decisions taken, including: Plans for future work, especially work to be done before the next meeting. How that work is to be split amongst group members. How that work is to be reviewed and / or evaluated by other members of the group. Any assistance and / or support needed or offered. – A different group member should record the above information at different meetings so that all group members have the opportunity to keep these records for at least one meeting. – Meetings may take place formally to cover the requirements above and may be in person or via electronic means such as email, text, chat etc. – Often meetings will be less formal and typically will be used to work on the assignment together. The information listed above should still be recorded.

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