Essay #2 Summary *Write 3-4 pages (1000 words)


The Daylight Gate by Jeanette Winterson Essay #2 Summary *Write 3-4 pages (1000 words). *Include a works cited as page 5 *Incorporate at least one critical study, using a minimum of quotes or paraphrases with accurate MLA in text citation. You will use the Chloë Taylor Merleau critical study found on Canvas, but you may substitute it for another other critical studies or scholarly work found in the Ventura College library, including an interesting historical documents. Consider looking at the book Daemonology written by King James or other original historical documents. If you do not use a scholarly source to support your analysis, you cannot receive a grade higher than a C. *Submit a paper copy on the due date AND be sure it is submitted to Turnitin Writing Process I urge you to approach writing this essay one of two ways. Either, brainstorm what claims you will write. Write an essay by breaking it into its component claims, and then support each claim with at least three pieces of evidence. Alternatively, you might START with a freewrite on your topic. Then highlight your main ideas from your freewrite and write claims. Either way, please give yourself time to be creative and explore and delve into interesting ideas that are below the surface of your conscious mind. Prompts On page 66 of the novel, Winterson explores the idea that “The Great Work was to dissolve all boundaries.” Alchemy is often a symbol of this in the book. Religion and Witchcraft get blurred. And the blurring of sexual identity is another example. Even the intensity of pain/torture and pleasure is blurred. Using the Chloë Taylor Merleau essay from the Canvas page, write an analysis of what is meant by “The Great Work.” Winterson depicts a pre-Enlightenment world where poverty is most harmful to and inescapable for females. Write an essay in which you explore and define the multiple ways that women bear the brunt of fear and poverty. Consider how women suffer sexual abuse and legal persecution through laws about witches. What sources of power, healthy or twisted, do women have? Consider Alice Nutter: how does she have and maintain power? Use the Chloë Taylor Merleau critical study to support your claims. Winterson foregrounds the setting in the very first chapter. Write an essay in which you show how setting shapes the world of these characters. Especially consider the religious environment of Catholic vs Protestant, the lack of education and belief in magic and witchcraft, and the environment of Lancaster itself. Use primary historical documents that you’ve research to support your argument. This novel prevents the reader from feeling certain about the existence of magic and witchcraft. Write an essay in which you explore the specific ways the existence of the supernatural is made plausible and implausible. Consider the two protagonists, Roger Nowell and Alice Nutter in particular; discuss how and why they are presented as the most enlightened characters in the book, and analyze how their relationships to the supernatural contribute to the uncertainty. Also, be sure to analyze the relationship to witchcraft and poverty. Claims: Either way, you will ultimately break down your discussion into claims/support. Be sure each supporting paragraph starts with an opinion about how some element of the novel is suggesting an overall theme or feeling. One way to support claims is with quotes from the novel (always use signal phrases to introduce a quote. Support for claims will also be summaries of a scene or character and at least one quote from the critical study. Each paragraph will use a combination of quotes, summaries and critical study quotes or paraphrases. Consider writing a clear thesis after you’ve written your paper, but put the thesis as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. As with the short story essay, write a clever introduction that includes a complete mention of the author’s name and the title of the book. Book titles are either underlined or italicized every time they are mentioned. Write an interesting conclusion that is not just restating what you already stated. Perhaps consider a meditation on the relevance of the ideas of this novel for today. Please edit your essay carefully before you submit it. Delete all uses of “really” “very” and “just”, and delete wording such as “I think that. . .” or “I believe that. . .”, or any other filler word you might use habitually. Check sentences for clarity, completeness and transitional flow. If you know you tend to be wordy, check for wordiness and redundancy. Check your final draft to be sure all character names are spelled correctly, author name is spelled correctly, and the title of the book is either underlined or in italics each time it is referenced. ____________________________________

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