Dubai Trade And Trading


1. (To what extent) was the brief met ?
2. evidence of research and of learning
3. logical sequencing and argument
4. effective use of relevant examples
5. Full and correct attribution and source list/bibliography

The purpose of this paper is to provide guidance to a SME thinking of trading with, and/or, in (Country). It will indicate the types of research that are useful, and use such as a basis for understanding various aspects of trading in (country).
For each section (e.g. 1-5) it will first state the importance of understanding the section topic, provide some key questions to consider, some potential sources used (in the chosen country) ito address those questions, and,reference to any topic-related method of analysis used in their management. It will then relate such to the country trade data discovered and present these in each section .For (6) , as this is not required-it will provide as full a depiction of 2 local trading-related organisations as possible within the word limit of the document.

● Risks
● Cultural aspect affecting the trading(Sukuk expansion)
● Benefits
● Trade agreements with other countries

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