Discussion 9: Wild Tales (Relatos salvajes)


In what sense is Wild Tales an anthology film? What are the main connections between the six movies that make up Wild Tales? As stand-alone films, which of the six episodes is, in your opinion, the strongest? Why do you think so? Which episode is the weakest? Why do you think so?
What is black humor? Citing at least two specific examples, how does black humor work in the films to convey the general message(s) of Wild Tales?
What do you think the films in Wild Tales have to say about modern society in general and contemporary Argentine society in particular?
Some critics have noted that Wild Tales is a criticism of certain aspects of machismo or macho culture. Citing at least two specific examples from the film, how does Wild Talescritique (or perhaps fails to critique) macho culture?
and short peer review on this one:

I see Wild Tales being an anthology film in the sense that all of these mini episodes have something in common. The film starts off with a group of people traveling on an airplane that all relate to one another because of one single guy. This guy ends up hijacking the plane and crashing it in hopes of all passengers dying. I believe this is the main connection throughout the film. Each mini episode has someone who is trying to either get back at or torture someone that has done them wrong.
The episode that stands out the most to me that has the strongest connection is the last one. The reason I say this because this couple has just wed and during their first dance, they are already falling apart. Their love was so strong, but the husbands actions made the bride rethink what she is doing. Going crazy is an understatement. She does everything in her ability to to make her husband miserable as well as the coworker he cheated on her with miserable. People got hurt as well as yelled at just for the couple to end up back together. This film is much different than the rest as no one had died and that alone is the reason I believe this is the weakest out of the six.

I believe the episode that is the strongest is the film with the two men driving along the highway. My reasoning behind this is because it was just any normal day when two men met on the highway. One man was not driving as the other liked so he called him out. Eventually one of the guys tires went bad and needed help, that is when the other man shows up and starts to break things and disrespect the other car. Long story short, this turned into something it didn’t need to really fast. They both end up being blown up while in the car. The reason I say this is the strongest out of all the episodes is because it all happened for really no reason at all and ended up killing both people.

2. Black humor is humor also known as dark humor that makes light of a dark situation. The first example that I have of black humor happens to be from the wedding episode. The bride found out that her now husband had cheated on her with one of his coworkers and runs away. When her husband finds her, she is now having sex with one of the chefs of their wedding. I believe this is represents black humor because she was just upset with him for one thing, but now she goes off and does the same thing. Another example of black humor in this film is from the car incident episode. The “redneck” gets on top of the other car and begins to go to the bathroom while facing the owner. This is supposed to make the harsh scene funny. I believe this was the message of the all episodes. Even when there is a dark situation, someone will do something to make light of it.

3. To me, I think that anger is a is something that I normal in the modern Argentine Society. Each of these films show at least one person that lashes out once or more. This doesn’t mean that everyone in Argentina are this way, but I have many friends who are of this ethnicity who say their mothers and other people they know are quick to lose their temper. I believe the director wanted to show this in a light and somewhat funny way.

4. One way that I think people might be offended by the machoism is when the new husband broke down and began to cry. The bride wanted to get it videotaped so that she could remember that moment of weakness and show her future children. I say this as an example because we don’t usually see men break down and cry too much in society. Some people might get mad that the director put this in because they don’t want others to think that all men are this way. The other example of criticism towards the macho culture would be from the first film. The man who has hijacked the plane has hid himself from the people he is planing on murdering. In a way he is scared to show his face to them and I believe that is another way that machoism is being offended. When we watch movies, we more than likely see the person who is holding people up, but in this case, we don’t.

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