Developing Healthy Communities Assignment



Assignment brief 2018-19 E-Submission Date: Thursday, 10th January 2019 Your community has identified that loneliness is an area of health which they would like your help with. Please outline what this community project will deliver in order to develop a healthier community through addressing the topic of loneliness. This health orientated project will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of underpinning theory related to Community Development and how this works to addressing the chosen community health issue. Your proposal will include the following: 1. Introduction It should be concise briefly outline the focus and contents of your proposal. 2. Background This section will include details on the the broad term of community and details on the specific community you are targeting. You will succinctly state the Aim of your project. This section must be underpinned with relevant evidence in order to provide a solid rationale and focus for the area of loneliness your project will tackle for this specific community. 3. Community Profile 3.1 This could include socio-demographic factors, the resources the community holds and also outline the community assets, weaknesses, opportunities and threats 3.2 Clearly outlined target audience 4. Your Community Project 4.1 State the Aim and Objectives ( which can be measured – What will it do?) 4.2 Apply ALL five principles of Community Development to your project 4.2.1 Social Justice 4.2.2 Participation 4.2.3 Education/Learning 4.2.4 Equality 4.2.5 Collaboration/Cooperation 4.3 Outline the resources your project will require

.4 Outline the project activity/ies 4.5 State the delivery and implementation processes (e:g; how you will reach/attract your specific target audience. Where the project will take place. How long will the project run for) 4.6 Identify a suitable stream of funding your project could apply for 5. Evaluation of your community project State how you will evaluate the project’s effectiveness using suitable methods in accordance to the project design. In order for effective change to be noted a baseline assessment must occur so all projects will need to state how this information will be captured. 6. Conclusion Close the proposal through encapsulating the proposal’s Aim and Objectives Academic presentation/style: All work should be presented concisely, grammatically correct and aligned correctly to the University of Wolverhampton Harvard referencing handbook.

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